Strategic visualization

Create common ground in your company

Strategic measures go beyond the visible; the majority of their impact lies beneath the surface, hidden and decisive. Strategic visualization brings this unseen dimension to light.

Levende Streg are experts in asking the crucial questions and revealing the core elements that are essential for your strategy implementation to be successful.

It ensures that stakeholders not only see, but fully understand the depth of a strategy, facilitating effective execution.

Levende Streg live scribe

See the big picture

Strategy visualization can look many different ways – and be in many different formats and media types.

At Levende Streg, we create both visualizations of strategies such as animated films, digital comics (gamification), posters, giant murals, print-outs, roll-ups, infographics, games and much more.

When we make visualizations and put pictures on abstract or complex concepts, topics or challenges at companies, it strengthens communication between managers and employees.

Your recipient remembers 65% more

Studies show that participants (who read only text) remember 10 percent of what they read (after three days). Those who see text paired with images remember 65 percent of the information three days later.

Remember 65% with visuals
Remember 10% read

In reality, it is something that most people have always known to be true – ever since we as children (if you are that old) saw the late eminent illustrator Jørgen Clevín draw and tell stories on Danish TV.

Strategy visualization helps you reach your goals

Companies often use visualizations to show managers, stakeholders, stakeholders and employees what the dream scenario looks like and how to get to the desired dream scenario.

With strategic visualization, you can gather messages, information and knowledge in one – so that everyone can see the “big picture”.

A strategic drawing makes company’s goals, processes and visions tangible through visual language, which makes complex strategies accessible and understandable to all employees. It fosters shared understanding and commitment, which is essential for the successful implementation of the company’s strategy.

Visualization provides a common language. It is easier to talk about something when it is made concrete and tangible.

At the same time, management often becomes much wiser about their own vision when they see it visualized!

Would you like to visualize the main points of a strategy, a change-management project, a vision or must-win battles?

Perhaps you need to show a journey in the company and thus make it visible how far you have come on the journey.

Strategic visualizations are very effective regardless of whether you want to communicate internally across all levels or communicate externally and would like to have it facilitated over a longer period of time.

Some types of visual solutions such as process illustrations and knowledge visualizations are good for illustrating “wicked problems”.

“Wicked problems” are often about social, geopolitical and global challenges.

You can tackle this using graphic facilitation. A visual facilitator will make as much of the iceberg visible as possible – revealing what lies beneath the surface. And in this way we facilitate a better way forward.

See the solution

When your business is facing complex problems and working on strategy, visualization helps with problem solving by externalizing thoughts and visually mapping connections, making abstract concepts more tangible.

This visual representation often reveals patterns, relationships, and gaps that may not be as apparent through traditional verbal or text-based approaches.

New mission and values

Challenge: A new mission and new set of values were communicated and found little acceptance among the employees.

Solution: A facilitated workshop for managers that ends in a visualized strategy. The visualization clarifies the main points and makes them tangible and communicable.

Change management

Challenge: In a change project, it was not clear to the employees where the journey was going. Resistance arose.

Solution: A facilitated online workshop where goals and KPIs are transformed into a visual format. The visualization creates clarity and is rolled out in a participatory way. It provides understanding and action.


Challenge: Uncertainty about which direction to go in connection with changes in markets and geo-politics.

Solution: A tailored visualization of the vision brings clarity and overview back to the organization and to its implementation and rollout in the teams.

Live coaching

Challenge: A team was in too deep with internal tasks and external communication.

Solution: An online visualization program with live coaching calls ensures that visual thinking provides support and becomes an active tool with new skills in the teams.

Common ground

Challenge: A team suffered from ineffective online and hybrid collaboration and lacked common ground.

Solution: A short series of facilitated online meetings allows the team to work with templates and good meeting structures. This gives efficiency and enthusiasm.

Internal communication

Challenge: Several in the company’s management team did not understand the vision and could not explain the vision further.

Solution: A tailored and adapted strategy visualization gives strength and understanding to the management team and implementation in the relevant teams.

Our iterative process - strategic visualization

Our well-tested process ensures high quality of the finished visual product.

We dive down and take a look at what might be beneath the surface: relational dynamics, systemic structures, mental constructs, dogmas, metaphors and doubts. Raw material for vision and desired future.


Kick-off meeting

The process starts with a start-up meeting (online or live), where we make a joint plan for the project’s content, the final visual product and requirements specifications.

We review in advance the material you have sent us with strategic content.



In collaboration with the company’s key people, we facilitate a workshop to uncover and define the key elements of the company’s strategy.

Through creative exercises and discussions, a common basis is created that clearly and precisely communicates the company’s strategy.



Based on the workshop, Levende Streg continues with the strategy visualization.

The work involves layering, color selection and alignment of elements to accurately reflect strategic concepts, ensuring high quality and adaptability to different media and sizes.


Feedback & iterations

The strategy visualization is fine-tuned. Here, illustrators and clients work closely together through feedback and iterations.

This is typically done via online meetings or email exchanges. Levende Streg then adjusts the visual product in accordance with the feedback, ensuring that the final product accurately reflects the client’s vision and goals.


Delivery of the visualization

When a project is completed at Levende Streg, we ensure that the finished strategic visualizations are delivered in the desired file formats, such as vector (AI, PDF, SVG), bitmap (JPEG, PNG), video (MP4, MOV) or animated GIF.

This ensures maximum compatibility and usability across different platforms and media, so you can easily integrate and use the visual content in your communication.



You and your team are ready for implementation. The complex ideas and plans are transformed into easy-to-understand images, improving communication and collaboration within your organization.

It engages and motivates employees by making the company’s goals and direction visible, understandable and accessible.

Successful implementation!

Over the years, we have completed many hundreds of strategy visualizations for strategic work in companies and organizations: both single drawings, as well as complete series of visuals (animated films, cartoons, etc.) in longer-term strategic initiatives that we have facilitated.

Worth knowing about strategic visualization

Strategy visualizations can look many different ways and be in many different media types. Eg. an animated video can be a good way to convey strategy – just as an illustration or a digital cartoon can be a good solution.

Did you know that 59% of senior executives prefer watching a video to reading text, especially if both are available.

Strategic visualization means: You get simple (or complex) visual products that are able to accurately depict your situation or parts of it.

These visual elements can be used your existing workflows and business structures.

Most often, strategy visualization work is drawn digitally on digital drawing boards and computer. It makes corrections and iterations / versions easy and manageable.

Strategic visualization goes hand in hand with process facilitation and project management.

We work closely with your employees or put together teams of facilitators, illustrators and creative professionals to best support your processes.

Strategic visualizations can work individually or combined with other solutions: from live drawing, remote live drawing or larger group work with workshops, even to Explainer videos / whiteboard videos – for example the closing phase of a change project.


Examples of some of our most requested solutions are: Live drawing events (where everything is drawn live), animation films, speed drawing films, strategic overviews and explanations, customer journeys, metaphors about the interdependence of project stages, visual project plans, infographics, as well as various business illustrations.

All our solutions are tailored to your business. You don’t have to worry about your competitors using the same generic images.

Easy to understand, remember and share

Are you planning meetings, internal conferences or workshops? Do you want the main points to be easy to understand, remember and share? And if possible, also worldwide? And in all departments? In this case, strategy visualization is your best solution.

Maria Prohazka fra Levende Streg tegner live på papir.

Visualize what is beneath the surface

Strategy visualization promotes a deeper understanding among employees at all levels, which improves engagement and alignment around common goals, KPIs, visions and must-win battles.

Strategy visualizations facilitate communication, make it easier to remember important points, and stimulate creative thinking and problem solving.

Furthermore, it can strengthen decision-making and the implementation of strategies by presenting information in a more accessible and engaging way.

The brain loves images

Many companies spend a lot of time in the engine room making their strategy tangible, sharp and easy to understand.

Still, there is a tendency for the work with the strategy to turn into a lot of platitudes and agreed-upon phrases – which only the top management themselves understand. This is where strategy visualizations come into play.

Strategic visualization

The essence of your goals must be made visible. The invisible must be visible and transparent for people to understand.

Complex changes, roadmaps, positioning, must-win battles, KPIs, visions must be made tangible.

That’s what strategy visuals do. Be it at a management level or within a topic that should reach all employees.

Remote live visualization

Remote live drawing is when an illustrator draws “LIVE” online for your event.

So the same as a live drawing event, graphic recording or a visual report – except that it all happens online – and that your visualization is digital and editable. And it is worth its weight in gold in strategic work, where there are often many iterations.

Animation video

Animated films and speed drawing are some of our most popular products. It is an effective way of communicating your company strategy.

With live drawings, animation and voice-over, you can reveal what is hidden beneath the surface and dive into all the underlying layers of the business strategy.

Get others to see your vision

Visualization allows you to approach challenges from a new perspective and break down barriers that hinder innovative thinking.

Your project could look like this

More and more companies make use of visualization and facilitation when they have to create new content – because it creates better visual communication.

See the world in a new perspective

Visual strategies facilitate communication, make it easier to remember important points, share content, and stimulate creative thinking and problem solving.

Collaboration with professionals

For companies and organizations that want to exploit the potential of strategy visualizations, it may be a good idea to collaborate with a professional design agency. We can help you create the perfect strategic visualization that suits your specific needs and target group.

Maria Prohazka / Creative Rockstar

Marie Buus / Managing Partner

FAQ - Strategic visualization

  • What is a strategic visualization?

    A visualization basically means a visual presentation of content. A visualization can therefore be anything from an animated or drawn film, a cartoon or a strategic drawing. And the prices vary according to which solution you need.

  • How much does a strategy visualization cost?

    A strategy visualization at Levende Streg can cost anything from DKK 22,000 - 50,000 (+VAT), when it concerns a static strategic visualization (a large drawing).

    If the visualization is to be animated or coded afterwards, the price typically increases further.

  • The benefits of a strategic visualization

    The advantages of a visualization are many. First of all, visualizations help to create common ground and understanding in your organization. At the same time, your message becomes easier to understand, remember and pass on.

    This means that corporate communication becomes easier to understand and comply with.

    We humans simply find it easier to understand and remember when we see it. At the same time, we find it easier to believe in the possibility of success when we see something visualized.

  • What types of visualizations are there?

    There are many forms of visualization. First of all, it is important to distinguish whether something is a static visualization (like a drawing or photograph) or whether it is moving (like a movie or an animation). However, digital comics fall in between these two scenarios, as comics are sequential storytelling - but still not moving images.

    Next, it is important to distinguish between whether the visualization is in 3D or in 2D.

    In principle, a strategic visualization can be anything from an animated film to a digital and clickable cartoon, a live drawing event, a drawing, a photograph or an animated gif. Limited only by imagination.