Murals and art

It creates a special, untamed wow expression to paint on e.g. walls. Because confined space all of a sudden becomes a living work of art. And because murals are created and tailored to a particular space or place, it allows for being present directly in the work of art.

For companies, murals are a great opportunity to quickly show their core history and core values.

What is street art?

Street art is a common term for art that originally belonged on the streets. It started as primarily painted art on the streets of the big cities. Sometimes it is also referred to as “graffiti art”, but this term does not embrace quite as widely.

Street art is often large murals (or murals as it is also called) – and it is site-specific art. This means that it is art that has been painted in a specific place – and cannot be taken or moved.

Graffiti art can e.g. painted directly on everything from walls to columns, ceilings, floors or even furniture. Most often, this type of painting is done on large surfaces because it creates the best eye-catcher.

It creates quite immediate wow effect to have a story on the wall. We humans have been cultivating for more than 30,000 years – all the way back to the giant cave paintings.

Art and history suddenly become “larger-than-life” – and are experienced as present and impressive.

a mural is a must-have

part of something bigger

It brings great joy to be a part of something bigger – such as sitting in the middle of a work of art and becoming part of a larger story.

Therefore, companies also use the large paintings and street art to create common ground and a common narrative in their business. It can e.g. be part of change management or launch of new strategy. It can also tell a fire story.

show who you are

At Levende Streg, we make more and more murals for companies. For there is something magnificently powerful about seeing his company’s history, company values, must-win battles, or taglines become part of a work of art.

With a mural, you create a present company history that catches the eye and creates attention – in a modern and straightforward way.

The murals are often made as part of entrances, or decoration in meeting rooms, canteens, changing rooms or large offices.

good quality is a must

It is important here that the painter uses high quality materials. That way, the artwork you buy lasts as long as possible.

At the same time, it does not require maintenance – and it is possible to clean. Therefore, it is of course also important that you go to one of the professional Danish painters or a graffiti artist when you have made your mural.

Worth knowing about animated videos

Time consuming

Murals (or murals) are quite time consuming to make. So it is important that you have some experience to draw on and have thought through the whole process thoroughly.

It really takes its graffiti artist to do the big commissioned work for customers. Both because as an artist you have to be familiar with many different types of paints and coatings, but also because the process of a mural can seem confusing if you have not just tried it before.

Think big

When you want a very large mural or a very large mural – e.g. on a gable, then you have to go out and rent large equipment – such as. this scissor lift from JLG.

How to do a mural

Most modern painters first make a sketch of the mural before getting started. Once approved, the artist can enlarge the sketch – using a grid (guides) on the surfaces on which the painting is to be painted. Then the sketch is drawn up in large size. Next, the painter puts on colors. And finally comes the distinctive black outline that we know so well from street art.

do you need a mural?

Murals are popular for businesses, whether it’s as strategies, avatars, key points or your whole vision translated into a giant mural.

Levende Streg can help you tell the stories of your business and bring them to life. 

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Frequently asked questions

  • What's the price for a mural?

    A wall painting varies in pricing - depending on how well known the artist is, the size of the mural, complexity, design and style. A mural can cost everything from DKK 4,000 (+ VAT) for a small painting to well over DKK 100,000 (+ VAT) for the great works of art.

    Looking at street artists like Banksy, the works are completely invaluable (and entire pieces of walls are stolen from buildings).

    At Levende Streg a large wall painting on average costs between DKK 30,000 - 40,000 (+ VAT).

  • What's the process of doing a mural?

    The process of creating the large wall paintings requires a lot of planning, drawing skills, good physique and knowledge about materials and coating, varnish and equipment.

    Most artist first make sketches,  send these for approval, enlarge the sketches - and using guidelines - transfer the sketches to the wall. After that the artwork is painted directly on the wall in question. Then colors are added and finally the outline.

  • Benefits of getting a mural

    A wall painting is an effective way to create common ground in your company. Because with a huge mural you create a positive common story that your employees and customers will like to become a part of. 

    It creates positive momentum to be part of something bigger.

    Murals can be used as decorations in meeting rooms, on facades, dressing rooms, offices, showrooms and the likes. 

  • Where can I find out more about mural?

    You can read more about our mural by following our Instagram profile - it's dedicated to murals and large comic book painting.

    You can also read more on our blog. And you're always welcome to reaching out to us. We're happy to answer questions, you might have.