Go in-depth with a course! Levende Streg offers courses and lectures in graphic facilitation, visual communication and AI.

We can tailor a course for your business. Send us an email or give us a call to discuss your needs. 

On this page you will find links to current courses and other information.

Graphic facilitation (course)

At Levende Streg, we offer drawing courses in graphic facilitation designed to strengthen your team’s ability to communicate visually:

  • Improved Communication: You learn to break down complex concepts and communicate them.
  • Better Collaboration: By visualizing thoughts and discussions in real time, you ensure that everyone.
  • Creative Problem Solving: Drawing inspires innovative solutions.
  • Effective decision-making: Visual templates and notes help create overview and clarity.

Process facilitation (course)

At Levende Streg, we offer courses in process facilitation that are designed to help your team lead effective and targeted meetings and workshops. Our courses provide participants with the tools and techniques to structure and manage group processes and promote creative thinking.

Your team will get:

  • Increased Efficiency: Learn to hold meetings and workshops on track.
  • Better communication: Improve your team’s ability to communicate clearly and openly, reducing misunderstandings and conflicts.
  • Focus on the goal: Get tools to ensure that the group stays focused on the desired results and makes decisions based on shared understanding.
  • Inclusion and Engagement: Learn techniques to involve all participants.
  • Creative problem solving: Use process facilitation to foster innovation and problem solving.

AI - generative AI (course)

At Levende Streg, we offer courses in generative AI, where you can learn how to integrate artificial intelligence into your creative processes.

Your teacher is Maria Prohazka, who already teaches at, among others, DMJX and Mediernes Efteruddannelsen in generative AI.

Your team will get:

  • Understanding AI’s Potential: Gain insight into how generative AI can be used to create new ideas, designs and artwork.
  • Limitations of AI: Learn about the current limitations and challenges of using AI in the creative process.
  • Practical application: Discover concrete examples of how AI can be integrated into your existing workflows to improve efficiency and innovation.

Midjourney - prompts for midjourney (course)

At Levende Streg, we offer courses in writing effective prompts for Midjourney.

Our course gives you insight into how to formulate prompts, what AI can and cannot do in the creative process.

Your team will get:

  • Effective Prompt Writing: Learn to write precise and creative prompts that maximize AI’s potential and deliver desired results.
  • Understanding AI’s Limitations: Learn what AI can and can’t do so you can use the technology realistically and effectively.
  • Practical application: Get practical tips and examples of how Midjourney can be integrated into your daily work.

Book about visual communication

Visual works - buy out book

Visual communication does more than “just look good”. We have written a book about this together with the publisher Hans Reitzel.

The book is the backpack with tools you need when creating visual communication.

Generative AI

Levende Streg on Generative AI

På Radio 24syv har de et skønt radioprogram om AI. 

Jon Skræntskov og Maria Prohazka (Levende Streg) var med i et af programmerne, hvor vi fortæller mere om fordele og ulemper ved de forskellige AI-løsninger.On Radio 24syv they have a wonderful radio program about AI.