Go in-depth with a course! Levende Streg offers courses and lectures in visual communication.

In addition, Maria Prohazka from Levende Streg is one of the leading voices in Denmark when it comes to image-creating AI. Therefore, Levende Streg also offers face2face courses on AI/artificial intelligence.

We can tailor a course for your business. Send us an email or give us a call to discuss your needs. 

On this page you will find links to current courses and other information.

AI - Graphics, images & VIDEO

In collaboration with Mediernes efteruddannelse
Subject: Stable diffusion & Midjourney

Live face2face course: Learn to create professional graphics and video with artificial intelligence: Stable Diffusion & Midjourney – From zero to Hero.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming part of the workflow of creative professionals because of its impressive potential! 

Midjourney AI


Live face2face course: Get to grips with the newest features in Midjourney as well as old favorites.

In this course, we look at the basic principles of Midjourney and take an in-depth look at what image-creating AI is and how it works. 

BEST prompts FOR Chat GPT & Midjourney

IN collaboration with dmjx
subject: Midjourney & chat gpt

Live face2face course: You will learn how to actively use the artificial intelligence systems ChatGPT and Midjourney in your job as a communicator. 

Your AI-savvy trainers (Andreas Leer Scharnberg and Maria Prohazka) will make sure that after the course you will be able to create prompts that ensure good and useful results.

Levende Streg about AI

Category: radio program - 24syv
SUBJECT: Artificial Intelligence

Radio 24syv has a great radio program about AI. 

Jon Skræntskov and Maria Prohazka (Levende Streg) were part of one of the programs, where we talk about the pros and cons of different AI solutions.

Can you see the point?

Hans reitzels forlag
Subject: Visual communication

There’s more to visual communication than “just looking good”.

We’ve written a book about it together with the publisher Hans Reitzel. In short, the book is the backpack of tools you need. Whether you are the creator of visual communication or you participate in the dialog with those who need to.

Download PDF

Levende Streg has created a manual on how to get started using AI tools like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion.

Artificial intelligence is a big topic, and we find that many of our customers have a hard time wrapping their heads around it – and therefore don’t get started.

You can buy the PDF here soon.