How we work

What results to expect

Our customers often describe their benefit from a collaboration with this one word – CLARITY.

Working to visualize your messages (via, for example, illustration or an animated video) promotes clarity and positive change in your organization. And the work always starts from within.

How is your vision, strategy or mission statement actually expressed? Which of your important projects or which collaboration needs a communicative visual boost?


Despite the fact that draw with markers or animate a video, we are not actually primarily paid for drawing.

Our core service is to portray your content in an interesting and easily understandable visual way.

Visualization is a discipline in itself. And there is a reason why we most often call our work “visualization” and not drawing.

Whether it’s meetings, concept work, processes or strategy: We get to the point, reduce complexity and create clarity about your goals.

Tangible results

Here are a number of results that our customers describe as outcome when working with us.

Clear overview

Our customers find that the visual content provides greater overview and clarity. This makes communication easier – both internally and externally:

  • Proven and brain-friendly remedies make it easier to see the big picture.
  • The company’s uniqueness is made more visible.
  • It is easier to meet customers and speak to them at eye level with visual communication.
  • A message that is supported visually is easier to understand, remember and share.
  • You arrive at more credible processes and goals.

Customized solution - Make better decisions

Tailor-made visual material creates recognition and understanding in the organization. On that basis, better decisions are made based on a larger overview:

  • Visually tailored content can be part of a more holistic communication.
  • Visual communication generally speeds up overall communication and understanding.
  • You emerge stronger from disruption.
  • You use a contemporary way of communicating even the most complex issues, which at the same time resonates with people (the recipient).

Problem solving at a higher level

Our customers report back that they find it significantly easier to communicate their messages out or down the organisation:

  • You reach more people, e.g. employees or customers.
  • You avoid overwhelming your recipient.
  • What you talk about can be supported and displayed visually.
  • Your recipient can remember your points and pass them on.
  • By cooperating with us, our customers enter a new, higher level in relation to their solution.
  • Pattern recognition is only possible if you can actually “see” a pattern and visualization makes this much easier.

Our customers say

Read more about what our customers say and see our customer cases

Co-creation - let's visualize together

Co-creation is a neologism that denotes that people are together (“co-“) to create something (“-creation”). And this is exactly what happens when you visualize your strategy or process.

Co-creation is not a single concept. Instead, co-creation has spread to a number of different contexts, where it is used to describe different forms of collaboration between different parties on different issues.

Together we create value

Today, most companies know that customers add value to products and services through the way they use (or don’t use) them.

At the same time, an illustrator provides value by visualizing the content in co-creation.

Many companies have taken this point to heart.

Increases quality

Co-creation increases quality. And when you see something visualized, you understand it much better.

In many contexts, the purpose of co-creation is that employees, customers or users have resources that can increase the quality of a strategy, a product or a service.

Away with silos

Co-creation with an illustrator can solve complex problems that cross professional and organizational boundaries.

Co-creation becomes a leverage to do away with professional and organizational “silos” by including different perspectives and experiences, which illuminate the subject better.

Let us help

We offer visual solutions for your challenges. We do this with strategy visualization, sparring, facilitation and workshops.

You always get exactly the expertise and valuable experience you can use to achieve the best results.

Of course, we cannot promise that you will achieve your goals just because we create a visualization for you. But you are well on your way.

Clear communication

Clear communication that is easy to understand, remember and share! Cut to the bone, so you become wiser about the purpose and the deeper meaning of your communication.

We are not just hired to draw or animate. Our work focuses primarily on the process, on asking the right questions and getting the answers boiled down into just the right bouillon cube.

Make the right decisions

Make the right decisions on an informed basis.

Simplifying complex information and presenting it visually enables decision makers to make informed and effective decisions quickly and accurately. Visualization is essential to help companies in their internal and external communication.

Create ownership with co-creation

Visualizations such as animation videos or live drawing (graphic facilitation) act as a powerful catalyst for collaboration and teamwork.

By visualizing ideas and discussions in a shared space, the visual representations encourage participants to contribute actively.

It breaks down communication barriers, stimulates dialogue and promotes a sense of collective ownership.

Global or local – tailored to your needs

Whatever your need. Local, global or special skills, we make sure that you can play ball with the right skilled people.

That way, your co-creation will be a success, with everyone involved investing time (for preparation, innovation, feedback loops and rollout integration).

If you implement your new visual products, you will see noticeable changes in your business.

comprehend - remember - share

Animation and Visualization bring clarity and overview!

Levende Streg is a creative agency that offers everything that is drawn and has a story. Such as. live drawing, strategic visualisations, animated videos, storytelling, comics and much more.


Levende Streg started in 2012 in a rapidly growing market for drawn videos (speed drawing videos) and live drawing (graphic facilitation).

This makes us one of the pioneers in graphic recording and speed drawing in Denmark and the Nordics.Year after year we gain more experience, which can eventually be proven in hundreds of visualizations.

Along with a broad skill set, we offer a sophisticated range of professional services.

Visual catalyst

We can be your catalyst! We are innovative, agile – and most importantly – people who can make things happen!

We create safe spaces for dialogue and help in cooperation with your team to establish foundations for future development processes.

We help with creative processes, decision-making, conflict resolution, integration of perspectives, culture-shaping rituals. And it’s all visually supported.

Reach out

An organization that effectively uses visual tools has a huge advantage in its ability to think strategically, implement culture change and transformation well, and put plans into action. Your first step: Give us a call!


  • What is co-creation?

    Co-creation? The truth is that the term can mean many different things in different contexts.

    Co-creation has come up on the agenda in many contexts as a way in which companies
    and organizations can develop strategies, products or services by collaborating with employees, customers, users and
    citizens with a view to involving their resources in the development process.

    Co-creation can be used as a definite business strategy, where you as a company can involve your employees and customers with a view to, for example, creating and exchanging ideas that can create value for both parties.

  • Why co-creation?

    There are many advantages to co-creation, such as increased productivity, reduced costs, exploring new business models, faster innovation and achieving a competitive advantage through unique interactions and experiences that are difficult to replicate.

  • What is visualization?

    A visualization can be anything from an animation video about a medicinal product to a digital comic book, speed drawing video to a strategic visualization or a digital clickable pdf.

    Visualization means the act or process of interpreting in visual terms or translating a topic or message into visible form.

  • What is the price of a visualization?

    It is very different what the price is for a visualization. It depends on what type of visualization you would like to have done.

    There are many forms of visualization such as animation video, speed drawing video, strategic drawing, digital comics, live drawing and more.

  • What is visual communication?

    Visual communication is the process of conveying messages and information (eg ideas, instructions, data or other types of information) through drawings or graphics instead of text or sound.

    We as humans are basically the most receptive to visual information representation, as our sense of sight takes in 85% of the impression we form of the world.

    It is thus more effective to use visual communication to share knowledge and add context compared to written communication.

    Visual communication can be many different things:

    • Animation video
    • Speed drawing movie
    • Drawn strategy
    • Video or photos
    • Graphs, charts, infographics and other types of data visualization
    • Typography
    • Maps (e.g. mind maps and content maps)
    • Illustrations
    • Graphic design
    • Slide sets  / keynotes and presentations
    • Animated GIF
    • Screenshots and screen recordings
  • Why is visual communication essential for your company?

    Studies show that 50% of all people learn best visually and prefer visual content to understand information more effectively. People prefer e.g. watching video rather than reading.

    A new study from Forbes shows that 59% of senior executives prefer to watch a video rather than read text, even if both are available on the same landing page.

    This means that visual communication is not only important in your workplace – it is also beneficial to society as a whole.

    Therefore, it is most effective if you present information visually. In this way, you can convey your message in a more effective way than with plain text.

    A visual communication strategy should be an important part of your business activities. Let us help you get started.

  • How can visualization/visual communication contribute to solving complex problems in organisations?

    Visual communication can  explain complex issues in a unique way that is easy to understand and remember.

    Levende Streg can help you plan and produce content that suits your communication, from animation videos to live drawing sessions and digital comic books.

    Animation and visual elements increase the understanding and retention of information, as the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.

    Live drawing events, both physically and online, create engagement and make messages easier to understand. Strategy visualizations promote shared understanding and commitment, which is critical to successful implementation of the company's strategy. Contact us today to order our services.