About Levende Streg

Levende Streg is a Copenhagen-based creative agency specialized in everything drawn. Speed drawing videos, animation videos, comic books, strategic visualization and murals for companies.

We visualize company messages and strategies so they resonate strongly with the intended target audience. In these matters it’s important not only to speak to the mind – but the heart

Our vision and mission

For creativity to flourish a rock solid base must exist. That’s why all of our creative projects are built on a solid foundation of planning and administration – this enables a good creative flow.

“Elementary” hours cover project management, planning, correspondence, conference calls, rendering, upload and the likes.

Our studio

Creativity is about creating, surprising and to dare to think differently and allow even the smallest seeds grow.

“Creative” hours cover creative development such as manuscript, illustration, storyboard, animation, creative image and video editing. 

Some of our awesome clients

Meet Maria Prohazka

Creative rockstar, Illustration, Animation, Concept Art, Graffiti

Maria Prohazka has a background from musicology and the world of arts. She started drawing and painting in an early age and soon combined her art skills with the computer – drawing digitally, creating art and graphics – and combining it with animation.

Hidden facts

Maria loves Copic Sketch Markers, Molotow Markers and spray cans from mtn 94. Don’t let her near your white walls unless you want something painted on them. 

Meet Marie Buus

Visual Storytelling, Project management, Digital Media, Corporate Journalism

Marie Buus has a background as journalist in the financial and corporate world – and project manager in the world of digital media. She is very structured and loves to organize stuff. 

Hidden facts

Marie loves zombie stories and post apocalyptical / dystopian series and comic books. Her father was a commercial artist and she always wanted to create a studio in his memory. 

Vores produkter

Levende Streg laver alt, der er tegnet og har en historie. Det betyder, at vi laver alt fra animationsfilm og speed drawing videoer til tegneserier, vægmalerier og strategivisualiseringer.

Gå ind og læs mere om, hvad vi kan tilbyde dig.