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Text, graphics, images, sound and other content on this website are protected by copyright law.

Levende Streg reserves all rights to the content, including the right to exploit the content for the purposes of text and data mining, cf. Section 11 b of the Copyright Act and Article 4 of the DSM Directive.

Storage of personal data

We only gather personal data from our web site after ensuring that we have your explicit consent, and that you are informed about which details we are gathering and why.

All personal details are handled in accordance with applicable laws.

Your personal details are registered by Levende Streg and they will be kept as long as required by applicable bookkeeping laws. The personal details will then be deleted.

The personal details will be kept safely and confidentially on a computer with limited access and in secure facilities.

Safety protocols will be revised continuously, in order to store your personal details responsibly, and in accordance with your rights as a user.

100% security cannot be achieved with transfers over the internet, and there is a slight risk of unauthorised access to your details when you transmit an store data electronically. You are therefore responsible for any data that you chose to submit to us.

The rapid pace in which the Internet is developing, means that changes in our handling of personal details may be necessary. We therefore reserve the right to modify or update the Privacy policy. If this is necessary, we will change the “Last updated” in the bottom of this page. If large changes are required then we will also put a notification about this on our web site.

We do not store personal details in an encrypted form.
We do not transmit personal details in an encrypted form. 

Who has access

The management (2 people) for Levende Streg has access to the personal details you have submitted.

The data controller for Levende Streg’s web shop is Maria Prohazka, CEO. 

Third parties

Personal details submitted to Levende Streg will not be forwarded or sold to third parties, unless in conjunction with a re-structuring or sale of the business. Any forwarding of personal details in such a situation will be in accordance to applicable legislation.

We do not gather any sensitive details. 

Objections & Data copies

As a registered customer at Levende Streg, you have the right to send a object against being registered. You also have the right to request a data export of all personal data that have been gathered about you. If any of the data are invalid or irrelevant then you can demand to have them deleted or corrected. These rights are granted by The European Union’s Data Protection Directive. Requests regarding this shall be sent to Levende Streg through e-mail to 


If you would like to complain about you purchase then you need to contact If you are unable to find a solution then you can complain to The EU Commission’s online complaint portal.

Complaints are submitted here: When submitting a complaint, please enter our e-mail address: 

Applicable law and juristiction

Any dispute between the business and the customer is settled under Danish law. 


A cookie is a small string of data stored in your web browser in order for a web site to recognize it. It isn’t an executable program, and it cannot read or destroy data in your web browser or your computer.

It is only the web site that has placed the cookie that can read it’s contents again. Cookies cannot contain viruses or malware that can cause damage to your computer or device.

Read more about cookies:

At cookies are used exclusively to improve the functionality of the website, in order to improve your experience as a customer. This includes functionality for remembering your settings.

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Third parties with access to cookies

Morningtrain ApS (in the following: Morningtrain) is a third-party web agency Levende Streg.
Morningtrain only has access via an encrypted channel called LastPass.
LastPass is strongly encrypted with algorithms making sure of complete safety in the sky.

Morningtrain has access to data from Google Analytics and the CMS. That data is solemnly used for statistics and reporting.

Access is encrypted on device level and kept secret for LastPass itself. That is, only the employees of Morningtrain have access to the data. The service is made even more safe a with two-step confirmation. When an employee’s employment relationship ends at Morningtrain, the former employee is removed from all accesses to LastPass.

Read more about how Morningtrain works with your data here.

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Last updated May 2023