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Live drawing, or graphic recording, is a dynamic creative process where strategies and ideas are visualized during meetings, workshops or conferences. One or more illustrators draw in real time for your event.

Levende Streg are experts in asking the crucial questions and revealing the core elements that are essential for your message to be communicated successfully.

We offer live drawing / graphic recording for events, team meetings, projects, internal processes, strategy work and more.

We offer both live drawing online and on location worldwide (Europe, USA etc.). Brought to you by ink athletes and frontrunners in illustration since 2012.

The invisible made visible

Live drawing facilitates comprehension and retention

Customized Live Drawing

We organize your live drawing event so that it fits you and your company needs. Below you can see examples and read about the benefits.

Epicenter of creativity and community

Live drawing transforms any event into a dynamic and engaging experience that acts as an epicenter for creativity and community.

Live visualization creates understanding, insight, promotes collaboration and uncovers processes.

Visualizing messages in real time strengthens understanding and maintains participants’ interest. This interactive form of communication not only makes your participants remember the content better afterwards. It also gives your participants the feeling of being heard, seen and understood.

Visual documentation creates understanding

Everyone present sees and experiences the live drawing, and this creates an immediate connection.

Benefits in the moment: This very sense of connection helps your attendees gain insight and make better decisions while seeing the graphic facilitation happening either on a large piece of paper or online.

Benefits after the meeting: When the meeting ends, you have a visual report. This means that you have useful documentation of content and results from the event for use in further communication.

Co-creation on the sideline

Live drawing and remote live drawing are ideal for working visually and iteratively with complex subjects – such as e.g. customer journeys, product development or business strategies.

Dedicated: Our designers support your moderator, event manager or facilitator. We co-create with your specialists. In this way, all perspectives become visible.

Straightforward: It all takes place on the sidelines, but at the same time it is the focal point of the event. The live drawing will be your hubspot where you gather during breaks and talk further. If so desired, the artist can participate more actively in summaries and group work.

We listen, translate and draw

Effective: Your visual output can help to promote insight and opinion creation for all participants after the meeting. In this way, you strengthen internal and external communication long after your event.

Multi-faceted: Our visualizers are excellent listeners. They can process large amounts of information, are creative, recognize patterns and see the big picture. And with their solid business understanding, they are able to translate this knowledge into useful visual good

Your next live drawing event could look like this

Selected snapshots from more than a decade of work with graphic recording around the world.

Live drawing solutions

Live drawing can take place in many different ways. All ways strengthen decision-making and implementation of strategies by presenting information in a more accessible and engaging way.

Below you can see some of the different solutions we offer.

Maria Prohazka fra Levende Streg tegner live for Nica i København

Live drawing (analog)

Live drawing on location adds an immediate and authentic dimension to any event. A direct connection is created between the illustrator and the participants, where spectators can follow the creation process from the first living line and become part of the creative journey.

Advantages of live drawing:

  • Supports a vibrant and interactive event experience.
  • Understanding of complex messages through visual storytelling.
  • Strong visual appeal that captures and retains participants.
  • Unique, tangible drawings that can act as lasting memories.
  • Promotes engagement and improves the overall event experience.
  • Easy live sharing.
  • Possibility of a wide selection of techniques, which ensures an overview and quick understanding for the recipient.
Maria Prohazka fra Levende Streg tegner live på ipad

Live drawing (ipad)

Live drawing on iPad (bitmap graphics) combines powerful drawing tools with flexibility. This method allows for quick iterations and easy corrections, which is essential in the creative process of developing complex ideas into clear and understandable visual narratives.

Advantages of live drawing on iPad:

  • Takes place on location.
  • Easy to share and export the work in high resolution (bitmap graphics).
  • Ideal for break-out sessions where the artist moves around.
  • Supports a vibrant and interactive event experience.
  • Uniformity in style and colors.
  • Understanding of complex messages through visual storytelling.
  • Possibility of a wide selection of brushes and techniques, which ensures an overview and quick understanding for the recipient.
Maria Prohazka from Levende Streg doing a remote live drawing session.

Remote live drawing (vector)

Remote live drawing means that the illustrator is not on location for your event, but draws on a large drawing screen and streams live to the big screen. The vector format allows precise adjustment of elements and colors. It ensures uniformity and professionalism in your visual identity.

Advantages of remote live drawing:

  • Supports a vibrant and interactive event experience.
  • Corrections are easier to make in real time (without redrawing the drawing).
  • Unlimited scalability without loss of quality (vector graphics).
  • The colors stay nice and vibrant over time.
  • The drawing can be printed again or used in new contexts.
  • Faster to load and easier to edit.
  • Understanding of complex messages through visual storytelling.
  • Possible to reuse the creative content across digital platforms.
Levende Streg på team opgave - live tegning - live drawing

Live drawing (TEAM)

Levende Streg can also supply an entire drawing team (possibly with visual facilitators) for the really big events with many break-out sessions. Our entire team are specialists in both analogue and digital drawing.

Advantages of live drawing team:

  • Ideal for break-out sessions (something happens in many different rooms).
  • Supports a vibrant and interactive event experience.
  • Understanding of complex messages through visual storytelling.
  • Captures and maintains the attention of participants.
  • Very productive with multiple artists.
  • Unique, tangible drawings that can act as lasting memories.
  • Promotes engagement and improves the overall event experience.
  • Enable content sharing.
  • Possibility to reuse creative content across digital platforms.

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Online worldwide or on location worldwide

The process

Co-creation in a few steps. You get a solution that helps you achieve your goals and can share this with everyone relevant.

1. Introductory dialogue

What, when and how? Online or face to face, we plan your event together with your specialists.

2. Live drawing event

Levende Streg creates your customized live drawing on the day based on your input.

3. Implementation

The drawings are ready to be sent out to participants, stakeholders, printed, shared, uploaded, etc.

Process facilitation - strategic understanding

Live drawing goes hand in hand with process facilitation, project management and business understanding.

We work closely with your employees, manager, stakeholders and stakeholders. We can also put together teams of facilitators and creative professionals to best support your processes in your company.

Strategy visualization can work individually or (in larger projects) combined with other media and ways of communicating such as: live drawing events, digital comics, print, visual facilitation, workshops or larger group work or animation films to roll out your strategy.

Our illustrators are masters at visualizing strategic content for companies in a wide range of industries. We are specialists in converting complex content into easy-to-understand visual information.

Live drawing as a problem solver

Live drawing and visualization help with problem solving by externalizing thoughts and visually mapping connections.

The visual work often reveals patterns, relationships and gaps that may not be as apparent through traditional verbal or text-based approaches.

Change management

By illustrating change management processes, live drawing can help visualize steps and goals. It facilitates the process and reduces employee resistance to new initiatives.

Internal communication

Through live drawing, complex internal messages can be simplified, which improves understanding and commitment among employees, and strengthens internal communication.

The customer journey illustrated

Live drawing can be used to map the customer journey, identify touch points and opportunities for improvement. It provides insight into how best to reach the customer.

Leadership development

Live drawing empowers managers by developing their ability to think creatively and communicate complex management strategies visually, improving effectiveness.


By creating awareness and engagement through unique, visual storytelling techniques, live drawing can increase the impact of campaigns and brand awareness.

Product development

Live drawing facilitates rapid visualization of product ideas, promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation, and creates common ground.

Business strategy

Live drawing can transform abstract strategic plans into clear visual representations that make it easier for everyone to understand and engage with the company’s goals.


Live drawing enables complex technologies to be explained in an accessible way, promoting understanding and acceptance among non-technical teammembers.


Through the use of visual elements, live drawing can enhance the learning experience, increase engagement and memory, and make complex content accessible.

Additional products

Here you can see our most popular additions in connection with live drawing events.


Image library

Many customers purchase an image library, which is all the drawings from “the big drawing”. They are subsequently delivered in a folder structure, so that you can use all graphics and drawings afterwards for presentations and the like.


Digital version

Most of our customers purchase a digital version of the large drawing (or several large drawings) from their live drawing event – which can then be shared and sent out to participants, used on social media and for internal communication, etc.


Tegne video / skærm optagelse

Some customers choose to purchase a screen recording (a video sped up in time) from a live drawing event drawn on screen (digitally). It can be used for screens on location during breaks or as part of a larger video of the event.

grafisk-facilitering-ikoner Levende Streg

Does your team want to learn graphic facilitation?

Levende Streg also offers courses in Graphic Facilitation, where we teach you and your team to use drawing as a powerful tool for communication and idea development.

It can improve meeting engagement, promote creative problem solving and strengthen communication in teams. Participants learn to visualize ideas and processes. These skills are invaluable in any professional context where clear messaging and effective communication are key to success.

Collaboration with a visual agency

Levende Streg are experts in live drawing. We add pazzazz to your event that suits your specific needs and target group.

Maria Prohazka / creative rockstar

Marie Buus / Managing Partner

FAQ about live drawing

  • What is live drawing

    Live drawing is internationally recognized as a tool for conveying complex content visually - and making it more manageable, easier to understand and easier to remember. It is also called graphic recording or visual reports. This is when an illustrator draws live at a meeting or conference.

  • What can live drawing be used for?

    Live drawing creates appeal, comprehension, and retention. Your messages are clear and to the point.

    Live drawing makes your message easy to understand, easy to remember and easy to follow and pass on. This is also why many Danish and foreign companies use live drawing in e.g. work with strategies, visions and change management.

  • What are some of the benefits of live drawing?

    The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. That's why live drawing is so effective.

    There is even something called the "drawing effect". It refers to the fact that we humans can remember and understand much better when we see something drawn or draw ourselves.

    Therefore, more and more companies use live drawing or remote visualization to get their messages across.

  • Do we just draw without preparation?

    Yes, sometimes. But when we drawn for most events, it's an incredibly focused process. Therefore, it is always best that we are thoroughly briefed before the event, so that everyone is aware of the process, set-up, features and more. This gives greater profits and better drawings on the day itself.

  • What's the price of a live drawing event?

    You book an illustrator or facilitator for your online event, for half or a full day.

    It costs DKK 12,500 (+VAT) for half a day - and DKK 20,500 (+VAT) for a full day.