Creative agency within illustration og animation

We specializes in videos with elements of drawing and comic books for companies. We also offer live drawing events and other types of visualization.

In need of creative assistance?

You have a really good idea or product, but fail to communicate it to everyone else.

Contact us if you need creative input, where we, based on your business, help you get from idea to action.

do you see what i mean?

Visual communication can do more than “just look good”. We have written a book about this together with the publisher Hans Reitzel. The book is, in short, the tool you need, whether you are the one who creates visual communication or you participate in the dialogue with those who create it.

Clients choose us because..

Most of our customers are large, global and extremely busy! They want to be able to leave a project in knowledgeable hands. That’s why they hire us! 

We make a detailed plan for your project – and keep you in the loop all the way, so you always know what the status is with your project and when you need to deliver input.

Are you on YouTube?

We are too! Join us for tutorials and other exciting stuff on our channel. Click below to see more.