Creative agency within illustration and animation

We specializes in videos with elements of drawing and comic books for companies. We also offer live drawing events and other types of visualization.

Create a common foundation with graphic recording​

At Levende Streg, we are experts in visualizing messages and creating core elements that are essential for the big picture to be clear to your recipients.

Animation video

Engage your audience with an animated video

With an animated video, you can capture the viewer’s attention, explain complex topics and anchor your message effectively. It makes your message vivid and easy to understand and remember.

Speed drawing video

Create understanding and sharing with a speed drawing video

At Levende Streg, we are experts in speed drawing video (drawn videos). With such a video, you explain your message in an engaging and interesting way, so that your recipient understands, remembers and shares.

The brain is visual

Did you know that the average person remembers 80 percent of what they see, 10 percent of what they hear, and 20 percent of what they read!

We remember 80% of what we see!
We remember 10% of what we hear!
We remember 20% of what we read!

Vores kunder siger

Vi er stolte af alle vores projekter, og vores kunder er heldigvis også glade for det, vi laver. Se et udsnit herunder. 

“As Managing Director at the consulting engineering company Dominia, I have had the pleasure of working with Levende Streg on process visualizations that effectively communicate our sometimes complex construction cases.

Levende Streg has managed to capture the essence of our processes and made them easy to understand for both our customers, stakeholders and business partners. The process visualizations are e.g. useful when we have to explain how schedules and milestones can shift in projects.

I can highly recommend Levende Streg to companies that need to communicate complex processes in a clear and visually understandable way.”

Dominia – Process facilitation
Morten Stahlschmidt, CEO

For our 100th anniversary in 2023, the Levende Streg team enriched our event with remote live drawing that captured the essence of our celebration in a unique and memorable way. It was a fine and dynamic feature that caught the participants’ interest, because remote live drawing involves people. Levende Streg’s creative abilities to visualize our history and highlights live made them a central highlight of our anniversary. We highly recommend them for their talent and professionalism.

Audiologopædisk Forening
Karina Grønnemose

Levende Streg has been an excellent collaboration partner, and the final product can only be described as extremely satisfactory.

The high quality, clear communication and distinguished ability to empathize that Levende Streg has stood for make them worthy of recommendation.

CBS Students
Jesper Mårtensen, projektleder

Visual that works - Buy our book!

Visual communication does more than “just look good”. We have written a book about this together with the publisher Hans Reitzel.

In short, the book is the backpack of tools you need… whether you are the one who creates visual communication or you participate in the dialogue with those who need to.

See some of our projects

More and more companies make use of animation, visualization and facilitation when creating new content – because it creates better visual communication.


De fleste af vores kunder er store, globale og ekstremt travle! De ønsker trygt at kunne overlade et projekt til kyndige hænder. Derfor vælger de os.

Vi lægger en udførlig plan for dit projekt med det samme – og holder dig i hånden hele vejen, så du altid ved, hvad status er med dit projekt, og hvornår du har en opgave.

In need of creative assistance?

You have a really good idea or product, but fail to communicate it to everyone else.

Contact us if you need creative input, where we, based on your business, help you get from idea to action.