Levende Streg has had the pleasure of creating a new 3D animation cartoon in collaboration with Mindpool, where classic traditional 2D animation is combined with 3D animation. It has been an exciting and very creative process where many fun ideas were thrown on the table. 

Mindpool is a platform for harnessing collective intelligence to enable data-driven insights and employee engagement. The animation film had to visualize some complex topics and themes, which are actually pretty hard to explain just with words. And because Mindpool is a modern and tech savvy company, the animation video needed to have a modern feel. 

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Your brain thinks in visuals

When the level of information in a video is high and the subject is complex, it is important that such a video really creates an overview and gives a lot of information to a new potential customer. It needs to demystify some of the complex issues. And as the brain is a central part of knowledge, a 3D sequence of the brain is the focal point of the video, which is mostly made as traditional 2D animation. 

International styled cartoon

The Mindpool team wanted a cartoon with an international, modern and light feel to it – that could visualize their product and services. Mindpools customers are from the whole world, thus it made sense to find an international and sketchy style that looked both modern and light, which could also emphasize the simplicity of the story. 

Storytelling that works

Storytelling wise, the film is a “who-are-we” story combined with a “why-are-we-here” story. It is not the most common storytelling model for an explainer video. But on the other hand it’s a story that dives a little deeper and explains quite clearly about collective intelligence – and how it can help your business.

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Graphics for web and print

Subsequently, material from the video was exported in various formats, so it can also be used in everything from visual presentations, website and social media. This way, Mindpool can use the material, together with their other communication, to create a unified visual identity, where different elements recur on different platforms. 

2D and 3D animation in Copenhagen

The animation was made in the Adobe After Effects software. We used various plugins. The drawings are vector drawings, and the 3D brain was built as an .obj file and imported into After Effects, where motion and effects was added. 

Marie buus / Managing partner

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