Speed drawing video


speed drawing video is a video, where you see drawing in high speed. These videos often include the hand of an illustrator drawing or the line just unfolding, and a speak is added explaining the content and the illustrations. 

These videos are awesome for explaining complex stuff in a simple manner. You can use them for internal and external communication like strategies, implementation, presentation, instruction videos, commercials, explainer videos and much more. 

60.000 times faster

Did you know that your brain decodes visual information 60,000 times faster than e.g. text? In fact, your eyes with 85% of your knowledge of contribution and perception of the world.

Your brain loves drawn videos

A speed drawing video features a hand that draws in real-time within the video, often accelerated (sped up in time) to quickly showcase the drawing process, accompanied by a voiceover explaining the visuals.

These videos excel at breaking down complex subjects into easily digestible content (enhancing memory retention by 15%).

They’re versatile, perfect for a range of uses from external to internal communications, executing strategies, giving presentations, creating promotional content, instructional guides, TV ads, and beyond.

66% viewers want to share

Scribe videos work well to explain complex topics in a simple way. Viewers are 66% more likely to share whiteboard animation with colleagues, friends or clients.

Why do speed drawing videos work so well?

Your recipient’s brain loves speed drawing video. Scribe videos are great to watch, they create understanding and an overview. But it goes much deeper than that – and is also about the chemistry of the brain, how learning works and how the brain rewards you.

DopaminE and the reward system

Whiteboard videos affect the viewers on the subconscious level. The real secret? Dopamine! New studies into the psychology behind whiteboard videos show that speed drawing videos stimulate “viewer anticipation”. When you see a hand move across the screen and draw something, do you try to guess the results?

Is it a bird? A plane? Or Superman? It doesn’t matter if you guessed right or wrong. Because when the final drawing is revealed, your brain receives a dopamine kick as a reward. So whiteboard videos are not just engaging, they make you understand and remember and then unconsciously feel good in the pit of your stomach.

Learning without dopamine

New Danish research shows that dopamine plays a crucial role in the human quest to understand new things. Dopamine is quite simply the brain’s most important learning signal. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter (a signaling substance) that, among other things, regulates feelings of pleasure and is also used for the brain’s reward system.

You know it from when you watch a series on Netflix movies. Often you are able to guess what will happen next! And when you guess correctly you are rewarded with dopamine. This is the same response that whiteboard videos give – and therefore animated videos enhance learning and memory.

Mirror neurons

Have you ever wondered why we humans intuitively understand each other and can spontaneously feel what others feel? And we can imitate and learn from others, just by watching them “do” something. We constantly imagine what others are thinking and feeling. And the explanation lies in the mirror neurons in the brain.

A well-executed speed drawing video meets the criteria of understanding, retention and appeal. But it does more than that. When we see other people doing something such as playing football, flipping a pancake or drawing, our motor cortex and our mirror neurons are activated and we can understand and remember what we see others do. It is the best and easiest way to learn. And it happens completely unproven.

Pathways in the brain

When we watch scribe videos, it creates a kind of “plow furrow” in the nerve pathways in the brain, and therefore the messages of speed drawings sticsk.

However, it is important to say that in order for the mirror neurons to be activated in your recipient’s brain, the hands in the speed drawing video must look “real”.

Some types of software (cheaper doodle videos) use hands that very clearly do not draw the content – and the drawings do not unfold in logical sequencing. Here, the effect is not achieved to the same extent, since your recipient’s brain cannot understand it and does not run an “internal test” when you watch a non-realistic whiteboard video.

Benefits of a speed drawing video

Scribe videos can be used for everything from external to internal communication, strategy implementation, presentations, promotional material, instructional videos, TV commercials and much more.

The drawing effect

Studies show that we humans can better understand and remember something when we draw it – or see others draw it. You can read more about the drawing effect here.

60.000 times faster

The brain decodes visual information 60,000 times faster than, for example, text. Your brain constantly uses approx. 25% of its energy on analyzing visual information.

Visuals work

Successful communication must be “appealing” to look at – and create “comprehension”, “retention” and “appeal”. It happens quite naturally with a whiteboard film.

Reduce your bounce rate with 34%

Did you know that you can lower the bounce rate on your landing pages by up to 34% by using video as content. A speed drawing video promotes understanding – and your message is easier to remember and share.

Heath and speed drawing

Success has many fathers. A speed drawing video is called many different things. Live drawing video, time lapse video, graphic recording video, whiteboard film, drawn film, illustration video, pen and voice video – technically there are differences, but in popular parlance the terms cover one and the same thing – namely the phenomenon of drawing on video. Levende Streg are specialists in this type of scribe videos for companies.

Change management and speed drawing

In collaboration with LINAK, we have made a speed drawing video about the benefits of standing up and working – Stand up for your health. When people can see and understand what they need to do differently – it is much easier to create the change you are looking for.

Visualize your message

A speed drawing video is a dynamic and engaging form of film that effectively conveys messages through vivid illustrations. While watching the film, the drawings take shape on the screen, often supplemented by an explanatory speak (voice over) that accompanies the illustrations and clarifies the message.

Stronger Emotional Connection

By combining visual elements with narrative, speed drawing videos create a stronger emotional connection with the viewer, making the message more memorable.

We have made a speed drawing about Municipality of Copenhagen, called “More room for the children”. It’s about how many children there are in the municipality.

Our 6-step process

Our animation filmmaking follows a structured 6-step process, starting with a clear story (storyline), followed by a detailed script. Sketches and style are then drawn to shape the film’s visual identity, leading to a storyboard that precisely outlines each scene. Production then brings the story to life, and finally the finished files are delivered to you – ready to use.

1. Storyline

What is your message? What do you want to achieve with your visual product? What’s your quick elevator pitch on your story?

2. Manuscript

In collaboration with your company’s specialists, we write a draft manuscript.

3. Sketches and style

We settle on a style and outline the story. The flow and content of the narrative will become clear to you.

4. Storyboard

We draw, color and prepare a storyboard that is the basis for the final approval in your company.

5. Production

We bring illustrations, graphics, and stories to life. Please note that once animation has started, only small corrections can be made.

6. Delivery

In post-production, we prepare the final files and deliver them in the formats you need.

speed drawing of high quality

Did you know that recent studies (Dr. Richard Wiseman) have investigated the effect of speed drawing videos or scribe videos with great success? Levende Streg ensures you high-quality speed drawing videos, which are tailored to you and made according to all the rules of the art, so you ensure the best efficiency. We create films that can be understood, remembered and shared.

Need an animated video?

Levende Streg can help you tell your company’s stories. We are specialists in familiarizing ourselves with your core area and getting it translated into an easy-to-understand and interesting universe of drawings and animation.

Our animation videos are used both internally on various intranets and externally on websites, digital channels, TV screens, YouTube and so on. The entire production takes place in-house at Levende Streg.

Maria Prohazka

Marie Buus

Frequently asked questions

  • Pricing of a speed drawing video?

    The price for a speed drawing video varies. What influences the budget is the duration of the video, the complexity of drawings and movement and language versions.

    A low-budget speed drawing film can cost from DKK 15,000 (+ VAT) per. minute - while the beautiful and more advanced films often cost well over DKK 100,000 (+ VAT) per minute.

    On average, a high-quality speed drawing video (1.5 - 2 minutes) costs between DKK 50,000 - 75,000 (+ VAT) at Levende Streg.

  • What's the production timeline?

    The production time of a speed drawing film varies depending on duration of the film - and how the approval processes are in your organization.

    On average, it takes 4-8 weeks to create, record, animate and produce a speed drawing video of approx. 1-2 minutes duration.

    If you need a speed drawing film with a longer duration, the production time is extended.

  • Which types of drawn videos are there?

    There are many different types of drawn video (where the hand draws). The most commonly used form of speed drawing video is whiteboard film, where the background is white and the marker draws a black outline.

    A good alternative is a "black board film", where you draw on a black / dark gray background with a white outline.

    Of course you can actually use many different types of backgrounds (like walls, concrete, wood and asphalt, to light paper, dark paper and everything in between).

  • What are the benefits of a speed drawing video?

    When things are hands drawn, we're much better at understanding them, remembering them and retelling them. 

    It is called "the drawing effect" - a recognized method based on the activated mirror neurons in the brain. When your recipient sees such a video, it creates a dedicated pathway in the brain, and therefore the message of high quality speed drawing sticks with your recipient. In order for the mirror neurons to be activated in your receiver, it is essential that hands and movement look "real" in the video.