Speed drawing videos for companies are becoming increasingly popular – to visualize the past, present or future. Levende Streg created this speed drawing video in watercolors in collaboration with Force of Nature. The video explains “Kanalbyen” (a new district of town) in Fredericia. The project is a short story about the new district in Fredericia, which has not yet been built. 

Visions of the future can be tricky

It can be difficult to show future visions. Because they are not yet visualized. And there is not yet any image material – only the mental ideas about the project. That’s why it takes time and creative thinking to transform the visions into a drawn video.

In this case we could also rely on architectural drawings of the new district. This helped us get the right feel for the atmosphere, the channels and the new houses. From there work began to take form, and we created the watercolors for the animation film.

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Speed drawing in watercolors

Drawn videos can be many things. It can be cartoons for children, infographic videos for businesses, it can be business animations and it can be speed drawing videos. In this case, the project was a speed drawing video with a watercolors theme, so the animation film looked soft, welcoming and had a positive expression. 

Marie buus / Managing partner

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