Learn how to draw – and create a common ground for your employees. Drawing is even a global language. So one of the great benefits of communicating with images is that it is a language that knows no boundaries.

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“The drawing-effect” – you remember

Studies show that we remember and understand content way better when we draw it ourselves. This is because drawing incorporates and integrates three different types of experiences: 1. semantic experience – ie. the internal generation of visual processes that allow you to translate a word into a variety of visual properties you can draw. Secondly the motor activation – namely the planned movement of your hand as you draw. And thirdly – The visual – you see your drawing as you draw it.

This is also the reason why graphic facilitation, comics and sketch-noting have become so popular with large companies over the past few years. And you and your team can also learn to become better at drawing – and at the same time share all the beneficial effects of drawing.

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A new way of thinking

Many people mistakenly believe that it is only for the few chosen ones to draw – and that it is a gift one is born with. It’s true that some people seem to be born with a talent for drawing – but most of us have had to practice hard to hone our skills. Because drawing mostly requires practice. Lots of exercise. Most professional draftsmen have spent plenty of hours in front of the drawing board practicing. And they have received tuition.

Learn how to draw

But that doesn’t mean you should avoid drawing if you don’t feel you’re good at it. On the contrary. Drawing is good for both mind and body. Drawing is a way of thinking in itself. It is a way to express emotions and make sense of complex explanations and create an overview. It’s a way of organizing. It is even an effective tool for achieving your dreams and goals. In fact, you become even more creative and better at problem solving from drawing.

Your mind will benefit

But in addition to being beneficial to your memory and understanding, drawing helps improve brain development – because it puts all areas of the brain to work. Therefore, it is not surprising that drawing – and creating something visually – can help combat both stress, anxiety and depression. In the United States this is called “art therapy”.

Therapists have even begun to use drawing (of especially different zen patterns) – directly on the skin – in the fight against cutting.

Learn how to draw with Levende Streg

At Levende Streg we have several years of teaching experience. We help you and your team dive into a world of creativity and learn different techniques – and become better at visual communication. We would love to facilitate a workshop at your company headquaters. But we also have lots of space to facilitate and create your workshop at our offices.

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