Graphic facilitation

You probably know the phrase “a picture says more than 1000 words. But in fact, studies show that a picture is worth more than 60,000 letters.

This is because your brain decodes visual information 60,000 times faster than it takes you to read text!

Graphic facilitation is very useful for visualizing a strategy, streamlining processes and creating an overview of complex workflows or processes.

Levende Streg live drawing grafisk facilitering

What is graphic facilitation?

More and more companies are making use of graphical facilitation to visualize and facilitate their conferences, strategy launches, meetings and events. But what exactly is graphic facilitation?

Graphic facilitation – or live drawing – is a creative and entertaining way to make your message and content exciting to look at, easy to understand – and easy to remember. 

This is done using graphical facilitation to simplify complex content. This type of visualization has also become extremely popular in both Danish and foreign companies.

Levende Streg remote live drawing

remote visualization

We have been making REMOTE visualizations and live drawing events for years. And now during the entire lockdown period and with the new ways we all meet, this type of (online) visualizations have become hugely popular with our customers.


Because with virtual meeting tools like Google Hangouts, Zoom or other services you can share screen. This means that the entire management team can sit at home or in the office in their hometown – and visualize the strategy LIVE and without travel costs and logistical challenges.


And it can be a great advantage that everything is done digitally – and that the drawings for the event are available digitally from the start, are easy to correct, share and possibly. print.

why should you use graphic facilitation?


Your brain is visual. And it decodes, understands and remembers images much better than text.

Graphic facilitation is very useful for visualizing a strategy, streamlining processes and creating an overview of complex workflows or processes.

With a visualization, you experience that a common foothold and understanding of your message is quickly reached.

Worthy of sharing

When a strategy is drawn and presented visually LIVE – always attracts an audience and naturally becomes a starting point for talk and networking.

It’s very much about 1. Appeal, 2. Comprehension (understanding) and 3. Retention (memory). And there are visualizations and images excellent.

Graphic facilitation is appealing to look at, creates understanding and can be remembered and retold.

That is why we experience that many people want to share drawings from an event – and the images therefore get their own life online.

create overview

Visualization is a useful tool for making your message visible – whether it is online or in analog form.

We find that our customers become much sharper on all their key points once they have seen them visualized. All of a sudden, all the text and talk has become tangible, executable and understandable.

Therefore, all your messages will be sharper and easier to remember and retell. Visualization simply brings your messages to life.

the drawing effect

Studies show that we humans can remember and understand much better when we see it drawn or even draw. This is also the reason why graphic facilitation and remote sketch noting have become popular with companies.

Drawing incorporates and integrates three different types of experiences: the semantic experience (ie the internal generation of visual processes that allow you to translate a word into a range of visual properties that you can draw), the motor-activating experience (namely the planned movement of your hand when you draw), and the visual experience (you see your drawing as you draw it).

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Levende Streg can help you tell your company’s stories. We specialize in understanding your core area and translating it into an easily understandable and engaging world of drawings and animation.

Our animated videos are used both internally on various intranets and externally on websites, digital channels, TV screens, YouTube, and so on. The entire production takes place in-house at Levende Streg.

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frequently asked questions

  • What is graphic facilitation?

    Graphic facilitation, also called visual facilitation, is an internationally recognized tool used to convey complex content visually.

    The concept of graphic facilitation includes both the method itself (how you can convey visions, strategies or processes with quick visualizations), but the term is also used about the part that others call graphic recording, live drawing or visualization, namely when an illustrator or graphic facilitator draws at a meeting or conference conveying the key messages of the meeting.

  • Why should you use graphic facilitation?

    Graphic facilitation - or live drawing - creates an overview and is an entertaining way to make your message and content vivid and exciting to look at, easy to understand, easy to remember and easy to share with others. That's why this type of visualization is increasingly used by both Danish and global companies in e.g. work with strategies, visions and change management.

  • Graphic recording pricing

    You book an illustrator or facilitator for your event, whether it is live (analogue) or online (digital) for a half or full day.

    It costs DKK 11,500 (+ VAT) for half a day - and DKK 18,500 (+ VAT) for a whole day. In addition, any. transport / mileage and possibly catering.

  • Where can I read more about graphic facilitation?

    You can read more about graphic facilitation here on the site under our blog and under our customer cases.

    At the same time, can be a good source of tools if you yourself want to jump out as a facilitator.

    At Levende Streg we also teach graphic facilitation - and you are always welcome to give us a call so we can help you further.

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