Live drawing event in Copenhagen. And Levende Streg had the pleasure to draw live at the PI (Process Industry) annual summit in Industriens Hus.

Live drawing Copenhagen

The day offered many great Key Note Speakers, and the good points and key take aways stood close in line — at an event that lastet from kl. 9.30-17.30 on an ordinary Tuesday in inner Copenhagen at Industriens Hus.

The approx. 8 hours live drawing resultet in a 3m long and 90cm high drawing, which summarized the day’s program, speakers and guld nuggets. 

Preparation for live drawing?

We are often asked how much we prepare in advance when we draw live. Generally speaking we need to be thoroughly briefed on advance when drawing live. We need to know about the content of the event – and the most important points that our clients would like us to illustrate.

How big is the drawing?

Our customers often ask how much we can draw in one day. And the answer varies. But generally you can reach approx. 2 meters in a half day – and 2.5-5 meters on a full day of drawing live. However, it also depends a lot on the content and subject of the event. In this case, the final result was about 3 meters in length and 90 cm. in height.

Scan the drawing

Subsequently, the illustration from Industriens Hus was scanned (in a giant scanner) and sent via mail to participants and key note speakers.

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