Powerful and Clear Corporate Communication

through animation, illustration, and storytelling

Graphic Recording

Live drawing - creative magic in real time

Levende Streg specializes in visualizing messages and creating graphic core elements, ensuring your recipients see the full picture clearly.


Engage Your Viewers with an Animated Video

An animated video captures viewers’ attention, explains complex topics, and effectively anchors your message. It makes your message vivid, easy to understand, and memorable.

Speed drawing video

Promote change with a Speed ​​Drawing Video

Speed ​​drawing videos create a strong visual impression that helps your recipient remember the message and share it. Choose speed drawing to convey your ideas clearly and engagingly.

Graphic Facilitation

Effective facilitation for meetings and events

Effective facilitation ensures that your events run smoothly and productively. By using professional facilitators, you can promote collaboration, create clear goals and engage participants.

Strategic visualization

Clarity and Direction with visualization

Make complex topics and ideas actionable and easy to understand with visualization. With clear and visual representations, your team can understand and implement strategic goals.

Comic book

Create understanding and change with digital comics

Make your narrative more dynamic and engaging with interactive digital comics. Eco-friendly, accessible on different devices, and easy to update as well as track user interactions for better insights.


Understanding and overview through corporate visuals

Corporate visuals such as infographics, illustrations and data visualizations make complex information easy to understand. They help communicate the company’s messages clearly and effectively.

GIF animation

Small animations with big impact for social media

Animated GIFs quickly grab attention with their short and effective animations. They are perfect for conveying messages in an engaging and digestible way on social media.


Transform Spaces with Creative Murals - Art that Inspires

Murals bring walls to life with creative and inspiring artwork. They create a unique atmosphere and give character to any room. Use murals to tell your story and make a lasting impression.

Learn how to draw

Course in graphic facilitation for you and your colleagues

We teach graphic facilitation for the company’s various teams. Also want your team to become better at facilitating. Let us help you!