Our process

Levende Streg is a full service creative agency. This means that we handle all steps of your project’s process inhouse.

You’ll get a detailed plan before we start on your project, making it easy to keep track of the process, and know when you yourself have an assignment or a deliverable – we always keep you informed and updated.

1. Storyline

Initially we’ll talk about the core message of your product and what you want to achieve. Based on that we develop the concept.

2. manuskript

In collaboration with your company’s specialists we write the manuscript. We add stage directions (visual suggestions) as we go.

3. Sketch & Style

Together we settle on a style. We sketch out the story so you get a good feel of the flow and content of the story.

4. storyboard

We ink and add colors to the story. We create a full storyboard. This storyboard is used for final approval in the company.

5. Production

We bring story and illustrations to life. After production we do minor adjustments to ensure that everything is perfect.

6. delivery

In post-production we make the final files ready and deliver them in the formats you need. Now you’re ready to launch your project.


Most people know that you get the best creative result – thus the best product – if you aren’t too tied to a fixed outcome. And this is absolutely also the case here. That’s why it is important to avoid micro-management. Remember, if you as a customer already have your end product in your mind, you can never end up with something that surpasses your imagination. However, if you trust the creative skills of your creative team, you can ride on a wave of synergy! And together you can create something way more awesome than you had ever imagined when you started out.


What does the latest neuroscience studies and the latest psychological studies have to do with business, illustration, animation and storytelling? A lot in fact!

At Levende Streg we base our video production, illustrations and animation on the latest research on how people see, perceive, understand and take in knowledge and learning. That’s why our visual communication works!