Our prices

How much your project cost depends on the scope of the project, the degree of detail of the drawings and the complexity of animation. Thus give us a call to get a specific price. 


Hourly price: 950 DKK (+ VAT)

For creativity to flourish a rock solid base must exist. That’s why all of our creative projects are built on a solid foundation of planning and administration – this enables a good creative flow.

“Elementary” hours cover project management, planning, correspondence, conference calls, rendering, upload and the likes.


Hourly price: 1.450 DKK (+ VAT)

Creativity is about creating, surprising and to dare to think differently and allow even the smallest seeds grow.

“Creative” hours cover creative development such as manuscript, illustration, storyboard, animation, creative image and video editing. 


Hourly price: 1.750 DKK (+ VAT)

The creative wow-result require great ideas to start with.

“DNA Creative” cover concept development and creative work with your company’s DNA and communication. 


Half-day: 12.500 DKK (+VAT)
Full-day: 20.500 DKK (+ VAT)

Bubbly creativity that breaks the boundaries – requires superpowers.

“Live Creative” cover live drawing events, graphic recording, graphic facilitation and creative workshops with illustration. The prices below include 1 illustrator from Levende Streg + materials. 

Need creative assistance?

You have a really good product or a great strategy, but fail to pass it on to everyone else.

Contact us if you need creative input, where we, based on your business, can help you get from idea to action.