Live tegning til event om crowdsourcing

Live drawing event about Crowdsourcing. Levende Streg had the honor of drawing live to the “Crowdsourcing Conference 2018”, where lots of upbeat business people from all over Denmark met to learn more about the crowdsourcing concept. The event was a half-day event (4 hours) – held in Mogens Dahls Concert Hall at Amager. It resulted in approx. 2 meter x 1 meter drawing. 

Color palette

The color palette was selected in advance in collaboration with SMV Crowdsourcing and Industriens Fund. The choice of colors is of great importance to a project like this, as it is both essential for matching the CVI from stakeholders – and at the same time it gives a much better overall impression if 2-3 focus colors are chosen in advance as focus colors. 

Live drawing – how much preparation?

This question is often asked when we draw live. And, in fact, it is very different. In general, we need to be briefed on the subject and content of the event beforehand. At the same time, the best approach is that we know the number of keynotes in advance and that we have an overall list of key note speakers for the event. In this way, we can divide our paper in a kind of “grid”, which allows us to allocate the correct amount of space on the paper to the various posts on the day.

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How big is the drawing?

That is another one of the questions that our customers often ask. And the answer varies. But generally you can create and draw approx. 2 meters in a half day – and 2.5-5 meters on a full day. However, it also depends a lot on the content and subject of the event.

What’s a graphic wall?

Normally, we draw on a graphic wall when drawing live. That way we are quite independent of the condition of the walls and the facilities that are at the event location. The graphic wall must be set before event and taken down after the event. Therefore, it costs an additional fee for us to bring it.

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