Cartoon in Danish about learning

Cartoon in Danish about VLS (We learn together), which is an effort that provides pedagogical staff with tools, knowledge and a framework for working systematically with the learning environment. Levende Streg has created an animated video in collaboration with Trygfonden’s Child Research Center.

The film explains how VLS strengthens language, early math skills, memory, attention, self-regulation, and well-being. Something that is of great importance for how children thrive now and here, do well in school and later in life.

2D animation video

Humans are visual. That’s why visualizations and videos are so good at conveying complex content. Because for people decoding visual information is much faster than reading text.

This is partly because we have practiced visual communication for many thousands of years (dating back to the time of cave paintings 35,000 years ago). In fact, our brains are more than 60,000 times faster at decoding visual information than when we read text. So visual communication has simply been a must for our survival as a species and as a tribe through time. 

Youtube cartoons for marketing

Nowadays, animated films play a crucial role when we want to convey something quickly and efficiently to others. Because animation films and visualizations are more than ever before the most effective communication tool when we need to capture and hold the attention of our recipient.

Did you know that we watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos a day? It’s more than Netflix and Facebook videos combined. In fact, 6 out of 10 users prefer online video platforms over flow tv. That is why animation videos have become so popular for marketing – and for telling short and precise informative stories that are easy to remember and retell.

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The brain is visual

Recent research actually shows that most people (65% of us) are visual in our learning if one looks at ILS (Index of Learning Styles). So therefore it makes very good sense when Trygfonden’s Child Research Center chooses to convey their new efforts as a cartoon in Danish.

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