Levende Streg has crafted a Danish cartoon in collaboration with TrygFondens Children’s Research Center about effective tools for strengthening students’ language and reading comprehension in the elementary school. The cartoon is made as part of a larger knowledge package targeted at managers, teachers and educators and located at EMU.dk

Cartoon targeted teachers and educators

The animation video collects and disseminates research-based knowledge about how teachers and educators can work to support students with weak skills in language and reading comprehension.

The knowledge package is based on a comprehensive research survey, which the TrygFonden Children’s Research Center has prepared for the Danish Agency for Education and Quality (STUK). And the animation film explains the three types of action that have the largest impact on the students’ language and reading comprehension. 

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Danish cartoon about language and reading abilities

TrygFonden Children’s Research Center’s choice of a Danish cartoon to convey some of the results in their knowledge package is well thought through. Because cartoons are really good at conveying issues that are complex. Animated movies provide an easy overview – and they helping to make the topic easier to understand and thus more interesting.

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Animation film with likable protagonists

The explainer video is created with different main characters as focal point. It makes the subject more understandable, as it is viewed from different points of view – and it makes it possible to capture the recipient’s attention and empathy.

And especially empathy is important. Because it is the motivator for teaching professionals to spend time acquiring new skills for teaching.

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Animation videos are becoming the norm

Animated videos are increasingly being used by educational institutions and companies to visualize everything from learning strategies, tools, company strategies, product development, user travel, employee learning – and of course for external branding, recruitment and advertising. But how come cartoon works so well?

It all is about communication being appealing and manageable to look at. Because we humans like to look at things that immediately and intuitively make sense to us and create an overview. When communication is composed in this way, it creates much better understanding. That’s why an animation video is a good choice for subjects like this.

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