Animation videos can solve your company’s challenges with violating GDPR rules. We have all read or heard about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that EU introduced – and which came into force in May 2018. But what does it have to do with animation videos and illustration?

GDPR – what’s it all about?

Very simply explained, GDPR concerns companies having to control the safety of the personal data they store and process.

And here we’re talking customer information and employee information. And it can become quite a challenge if, for example, you would like to record video from an event where employees or customers are present.

Visualization as a solution

In fact, drawings as a solution have been used for years. You probably seen it as part of media coverage of lawsuits where images and live footage are prohibited. Therefore, the media use court drawings to cover events.

Similarly, animation videos and live drawing events can become part of the solution to cover a story for companies that do not want to violate the personal data regulation.

When is an animation relevant?

We have quite a few examples here at Levende Streg of how a drawn film can solve the GDPR challenge. Just think about using a video to recruit new employees. Here, it might be nice if you could use the opinions of current employees to substantiate that your business is a good place to work. However, employee statements are difficult to handle in relation to the new GDPR rules. Here, a drawn film (animation film) can be a simple and great solution.

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And how about strategic visions for the future? How can they be displayed if you are not allowed to use images or live footage video with people in it? Here, drawings, cartoons or animation videos can be a solution – without violating any personal data rules. Can you see the point?

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Similarly, it can be a good solution for events where you want a kind of documentation from the day – to use live drawing instead of video footage. You can have illustrators drawing live at your event – and the artists can document the day – and make a graphic recording.

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