Live drawing – live illustrators in Denmark. There is a great need for artists and illustrators who can draw “live”. On Levende Streg we’re experiencing a huge demand for illustrators to draw at live drawing events.

In visual communication we refer to “appeal”, “comprehension” and “retention”. This is precisely what live drawing has to offer. And that’s why it’s in such high demand at the time being.

Live drawing creates overview

Both during and after an event, live drawing is formidable for creating an overview. That’s why live drawing is also called  graphic recording. Also we often scan the drawing after a day’s event – and thus the drawing is also used for newsletters and info mails for participants and lecturers to sum up the key notes of the day.

For conferences and big events

Live drawing always attracts an audience or a crowd at an event. That means that the graphic wall, the illustration and illustrators naturally becomes the basis for talk and networking. It’s like at parties — where the kitchen always is the place to be. In the same manner the graphic wall and the drawing becomes the natural focal point for your conference participants.

Therefore, live drawing is perfect for eg. conferences, big meetings, meet ups or the like. It’s simply an interesting feature for an event because it’s exciting for meeting participants or conference participants to follow an illustrator drawing live — summarizing the content and gold nuggets of the event.

A social media sharable experience

One of the major bonuses of live drawing or graphic recordings for events — is that participants and speakers suddenly have something visual and cool to share from your event. And they always ask to be photographed with the drawing in the background — and then they sharing the image on the different social channels. So live drawing makes your event much more visible on social channels both during the event – and after your event has taken place.

Make your content sharable and interesting

Although it may be hard to admit, many of us have probably sat at events that have sounded exciting on the paper — while being utterly boring in reality.

Here too, a live artist can help lift the content of the day and draw key take aways. People rarely speak in pictures or images — but when you have an illustrator translating the content into visual content, I can promise you images that pop.

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Visualize your vision

Did you know that the human brain treats visual information 60,000 faster than reading text? It’s true! That’s why it’s so important that you add pictures to your communication.

A vision really means just that. A picture of what you have in your mind – the mental image or idea put into words. But do your employees and colleagues see the same picture as you describe?

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