Watercolour animation about green roofs

In collaboration with Nature Impact, we created a drawn watercolor animation. The video is in a naturalistic style with black outline and watercolor effects and tells the story about Nature Impacts modern green roof solution.

The video is made in several versions for different target groups. Special short versions have also been made for use on social media. Nature Impact is also big on the Swedish market, which is why the videos are also available in Swedish.

Watercolor animations or other kinds of animations is a great method of conveying a message in a simple way. By combining visuals and sound, these videos can illustrate complex ideas in a vivid way and at the same time capture the attention of viewers about a product or service provided.

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green brings the product to life

Speed drawing videos and animations can be made in all kinds of styles, from photorealistic to the very simple lines. In Nature Impact’s video, the green roofs are the center of the story, thus the idea was to only color the product, and for the rest to appear in black and white.

The green color has a watercolor effect to give it a softer, more artistic and vibrant expression than if it were colored in solid green.

The roofs of the future is green

The video shown above is aimed at architects – and the purpose is to explain that green roofs are neither costly nor difficult to install. It’s a simple modular system that anyone can manage.

In addition, there are a number of other advantages including green roofs in their projects.

Gren roofs increase biodiversity. They are optimal for water retention, and there is environmental product declaration (EPD) on Nature Impact’s products, so they can be included in certified sustainable buildings.

Maria Prohazka / CEO

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