Animation for the healthcare sector

Animation for the healthcare sector and the pharmaceutical industry is becoming more and more popular. And there is, of course, a good reason for that.

Animation film is an effective form of communication that is both easy on the eye, entertaining to watch – and your recipient can even remember your message and content much better.

Especially when it has to do with something like health – and a serious topic like cancer, an animated film is a good choice.

This is because we as humans quickly understands the message of such a video and this way of communicating is a more light version of conveying a message than regular video about a serious subject and a disease we all fear.


VIDEO - part of campaign

All.can is an organization that provides sustainable healthcare solutions to all those affected by cancer. And the animated film we made in collaboration with LEAD Agency is just about what an All.can is all about. 

The video is part of a larger campaign and used across social media and platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and so on.


Simple video about a heavy topic

In general, it can be difficult to launch a “who-are-we” core narrative on such a heavy topic.

For this reason, the characters and style of the film are kept light and slightly humorous. The characters do not have eyes, nose or mouth as it keeps the narrative anonymous and at a distance, so that the heavy topic does not feel uncomfortable for the recipient.

If a topic becomes too heavy and depressing, there is a risk for your recipient not to be able to get your full message across as they scroll along shortly after the first couple of words.

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Animated videos are popular within the health sector

Because we humans understand and remembers visual information faster, especially in stressed situations, animations for the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare sector have increasingly popular.

Studies show that most people would like to be able to google themselves on questions about medication, illness or treatment. Most people today are very digital and demand a more user-friendly healthcare sector, where animation and other visual aids are used as communication tools.

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Storytelling for the win

The video is made as a full-color animated video starting with a main character to capture the attention of the recipient and make it personal.

The visual identity of the video is based on the visual identity of All.can. In general the style is kept very simple in order to preserve a narrative that is easy to understand and remember afterwards.

Maria Prohazka / CEO

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