Animation about compensation for patients

Film for Patienterstatningen in Copenhagen. Levende Streg has had the pleasure of creating film that explain how to seek compensation in the Danish health care system. It was a complex subject and we tried to make it easy to understand as possible.

Film created for use on sociale media

The above mentioned films are part of a total of four animation videos for social media. The films are created so that they can be used on social media in shorter versions or in full length. In this way, the story is completely adapted to especially Facebook campaigns and Youtube campaigns.

And by building the narrative into small blocks or chunks (which are targeted different stakeholders and audiences), one can ensure far better performance and view through rates. But at the same time, the videos are also used on the Patienterstatningens website. 

Film succes on sociale channels

But the success on social channels does not come easy. What is important for your movies’ success on social channels is that you incorporate your core audiences into your story. Next, make sure you keep up to date with guidelines on the various social media about the best duration for your story. Next, be sure to include SEO in your storyline. Last but not least, make sure your movies are on Youtube and are searchable with good SEO and good descriptions.

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Facebook, Youtube and your storytelling model

But the above mentioned block building model means a lot to your story – and to the length of your video on the various platforms. Because the various social platforms and magazines, supports and nurses different narrative models. And although the social media has guidelines for the best duration and best format for your story, it can be hard to keep up with the different new algorithms.

This means that an animation or video that looks good on Instagram and has lots of interaction there, can be completely ineffective on LinkedIn.

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A different film with a different style

As the animation videos deal with a slightly delicate subject, the style choice fell on a slightly lighter, modern and humorous style. A style that doesn’t offend anyone — but at the same time still is interesting to look at. At the same time, the style has been adapted so that gender and ethnicity does not play a crucial role. In this way, the film looks modern and likable.

Maria Prohazka / CEO

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