SEO for your video is just as important to your video as it is for your landing page. If you do not already think about search engine optimization (SEO) in your external video communication, it’s time to start now. Otherwise, your users can’t find your copy or content!

Youtube – a search engine

Youtube is a search engine, just like Google (and by the way owned by the Google). So it’s absolutely crucial that you upload your videos to the search engine and get your content minutely described. Because you need your video content to be searchable – so it can be found by your target audience.

Videos are hot

There are over 5 billion videos viewed per day on Youtube, and the media has over 1.5 billion users a month.

Youtube is one of the most important social platforms. Vloggers are like celebrities nowadays. And kids and young people consume Youtube videos, as never before. It’s a platform in heavy growth. With users spending several hours a day in front of the screen. But do you use the Youtube platform for your business videos? And do you remember to do proper SEO in your storytelling?

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Your target audience is on Youtube

Nevertheless, the vast majority of businesses overlook Youtube as part of both internal and external campaigns. Youtube can, for example, be just the right medium to recruit new employees – or create playlists for internal learning.

But Youtube is also the social platform where your target audience is just waiting for entertainment. On average, your audience uses approx. 40 minutes a day on Youtube. And they scream for good content and great videos! Can you see why it’s time to make use of the biggest video search engine throughout history?

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SEO — for video

But what about SEO and company stories in relation to Youtube? In fact, it is very simple. You must build your story so it addresses different keywords – exactly like in Google when you do SEO to your webpages.

Once your video has been uploaded to Youtube, you need to make a detailed description (down to seconds) that explains the content of your video. That way, Youtube’s algorithms can find the relevant keywords – and your video becomes searchable. And no cheating, remember! It’s about describing your content – so your users and your audience can find your video content.

Playlists are important

So I think you get the point now about Youtube and why you need to describe your content properly. But what about playlists. Why are they so important?

Playlists are the most effective way to keep your viewer on your channel. When your audience is watching one of your videos, the next video in your playlist will automatically be suggested to them next. That way, you can guide your viewer to see what you want them to. And you can give them related content. Can you see the point?

How to get started

  1. Go to Youtube and search for keywords that are relevant to your niche or to your content. That way you can see what the popular keywords on Youtube are at the moment.
  2. Then use the different keyword tools to find the right keywords to include in your story.
  3. Then build your storyline so it contains your keywords.
  4. When you create your video content, whether it’s animation or live footage, you have the right keywords built into your story now.
  5. Once your story is uploaded to Youtube, you need to provide a thorough description of the content of your video.

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