Corporate comic books

Comics in digital form for companies is the new variety!

Many companies at home and abroad have opened their eyes to how modern digital comics can enhance your business communication. For digital comic books are a whole goldmine of benefits, where your reader is allowed to immerse themselves – while they themselves determine reading speed and the depth of what they read and see.

Did you know that your brain decodes visual communication 60,000 times faster than e.g. text?

And your eyes contribute 85% of your knowledge of and perception of the world.

So the old adage that a picture says more than a thousand words should actually be rewritten to make a picture say more than 60,000 letters.


At Levende Streg, we produce numerous corporate comics. Unfortunately, it’s often content we aren’t permitted to showcase on our website.

If you would like to see examples of these corporate comics and get a sense of our work, feel free to contact us to schedule a meeting.


Corporate comic books is the new black! Recent neuroscientific research shows that comic books are talking to the brain in a particular way. Sales of comic books (comics) and graphic novels (longer comics) is soaring worldwide. In North America alone rounded sales figures for 2016 at $ 1 billion. And now, comic books and graphic novels also found its way into corporate communications.

Large global companies like Google (right), Zappos, Peugeot, Twitter and eBay are already using comics (corporate comic books), both internally and externally as an active part of their communications and advertising. 

At Levende Streg we clearly feel the trend. Companies have realized that comics can be a true asset in their communication. 

All though many adults associate comics with books for children or lazy teenagers, the fact is that thousands of adults read and love the genre. 

Why you should get a corporate comic book

easy to understand

Where digital communication invites to multitasking and rapid absorption of news, comic books encourages the reader to indulge

Comic books can be read at a fast pace – but can also be read in a casual and lazy manner. The artwork is visually expressive and engaging for the reader. So a comic consist of both illustrations and text and the reader reads both horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

Comic books are great when you want to convey a complex message and you want your recipient to read in depth – to gain understanding of important or complex details. 

Test your product

One of the obvious ways to use comics is to actively use them in product development

You can, for example test your product with potential customers BEFORE YOU’VE EVEN CREATED IT! 

And you can get important feedback before you even touch a finger in product development stages. It saves thousands of dollars! 

Or you can use corporate comic books within the company to create understanding and common direction on a product or a strategy. 

The drawing effect

Studies show that we humans can better remember and understand when we make a drawing of it.

This is because drawing combines three types of experiences: 1. the semantic – where we create visual processes internally. 2. the activation of the brain area motor cortex – where all planned movement is simulated, practiced and understood in your brain. And 3. What you see when you look at a drawing.

How to draw comics?

How to make comics?

Brand awarness

Comics are magical. And they can tell and stage a story as it resonates with the recipient – even though it is very complex material.

According to recent research, comics require readers to create meaning using “multiple modalities.”

Readers of comics deal with all the different components – visually, spatially and textually – in what they read. And the reader integrates these components into a solid understanding of the story.

This means that while comics may appeal to readers for the same reason, these individuals are drawn to other forms of entertainment, such as television and video games, that reading these books actually involves much more complex treatment.


Corporate comics can also be used as part of a change management process. And many of our customers have really taken a liking to that. By telling the story of what needs to change, why – and most importantly, what it means for each employee, you can create great understanding of a change management project. And you can get your staff on board and take ownership of the project – which is crucial for it’s success.

Contact us if you would like to hear more about what comics can do for your business. 

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FAQ about comic books

  • What is a comic book?

    A comic book or comic book is a publication consisting of comic book art in the form of sequential juxtaposed panels representing individual scenes.

    Comics can be made in many different ways. The most commonly used are digital comic books (where the user reads the comic online via the app or landing page on his computer, ipad or phone) or printed printed matter - a comic book. One can e.g. also make cartoon like video with 3D effects.

    A digital cartoon that is read online also has sound effects, among other things - and is actually experienced as a film that you can scroll through.

  • Pricing of a comic book?

    The price of a comic book or comic varies a lot depending on how long it should be in terms of content - and the style also plays a big role. The more detailed the cartoon has to be, the more expensive it is to make.

    On average, a digital comic book (which is read online on a landing page) costs between DKK 75,000 - 100,000 (+ VAT) to make.

    Our digital comic books are coded in Unity and work across platforms and devices.

  • The benefits of a comic book?

    The benefits of a digital comic are many. A digital cartoon is clickable and SEO-friendly.

    This means you can track what your user is doing and how the comic is being read. At the same time, your comic book can be search optimized and the content can thus be read by search engines. This means a lot for both traffic and ranking on e.g. Google.

    In addition, comics are incredibly readable for your user. And you can customize the readability to fit exactly your target audience.

    In fact, a digital cartoon is reminiscent of a video with sound effects that can be read at the pace your reader chooses. This allows your reader to immerse themselves in your message - but also quickly get the big picture.

  • Which different types of comic are there?

    In addition to the obvious superhero genre, the main genres of comics are: alternative / esoteric, business, manga, science fiction, fantasy, action / adventure, horror, humor, romantic comics.

    Superhero comics and horror comics are currently the most popular.