Marvel comic book for advertising campaign on TV. Levende Streg has had the pleasure of making a comic book and related product book for advertising campaign on TV channel DR in connection with the world championships in Men’s Handball 2019.

Commercial video and Marvel comic book illustration

The promotional film for the campaign shows a boy of about 9 years who shows his father the book he has drawn. The book shows the different players from the World Cup team in Men’s Handball 2019 as superheroes with different super skills. Mikkel Hansen can, for example jump quite high and shoot very hard.

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Marvel comic book illustrations

Levende Streg har lavet illustrationerne og bogen, som om de er børnetegninger (tegnet af et utrolig begavet barn). Illustrationerne til tegneserien og rekvisitbogen er tegnet og farvelagt på computer. Derefter er tegningerne printet og sat sammen til en slags scrapbog.

Levende Streg has made the illustrations and the comic book as if they are children’s drawings (drawn by an incredibly gifted child). The illustrations for the comic book are drawn and colored on computer. Then the drawings have been printed and assembled into a kind of scrapbook.

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Visualization of stories and skills

The comic book genre is great for telling a story on more than one level. With comic book as a style one can visualize both a deeper history, properties and feelings. It is a drawing style that really offers opportunities, as it is only the imagination that sets limits here. And therefore one can tell a deep and rather complex story – just with a picture.

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At the same time, comic book as a genre is something that fascinates and attracts most people, as the drawings are really interesting to look at. They have the possibility of very different types (often dramatic) perspectives and body positions. That is why it is also so exciting to draw this type of picture.

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