Comics are a hit in corporate communication. Did you know that it takes the brain longer to process text-based or verbal information compared to visual information?

Recent studies show that the human brain can compute, analyze and understand a picture seen in just 13 milliseconds. That means your brain is 60.000 times faster at processing visual information than read or spoken language. It explains why we sometimes have to read certain sentences up to eight times to really understand them.

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You have 8 seconds

You generally have eight seconds to get your recipient interested in your communication. On social media we are down to 2-3 seconds!

In fact, people’s concentration and attention span have dived in recent years. This means that we humans currently have the attention span of a goldfish. That also means you must be sure of your message, and you must be sure that it is explained well visually.

25% of your brain capacity

25% of your brain capacity is constantly being used for processing visual information. This corresponds to approx. 20 billion neurons dedicated to analyzing visual information (out of the approximately 86 billion neurons, neurologists estimate the human brain contains.

Comics and cave paintings

In fact, the popularity of comics is not strange to us humans at all. Because it’s our “natural” way of communicating! Research shows that people have communicated visually for more than about 30,000 (through, among other things, cave paintings). In contrast, the different written languages are “only” about 3,700 years old.

Images and words

When you want to tell your company story, you basically have three options for your storytelling.

  1. Use words in the form of text (arbitrary symbols that take time to understand) or speech / sign language.
  2. You can use images (either still images or moving pictures / in sequence).
  3. Combine words and images.

And once you’ve read the above, it’s evident that living visual material is a must for your communication!

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