A comic for the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food in Copenhagen. Levende Streg has had the pleasure of making a comic about the EU School Scheme for Milk, Fruit and Vegetables for Danish schools all over the country. The comic is part of a larger campaign – targeted at students, teachers and parents.

Comic about health and learning

The comic focuses on health and learning. It explains how students a good energy level throughout a day. So that both the brain and body have fuel for playing and learning.

The small cartoon is primarily aimed at the smaller classes in primary school (Class 0-6). The visual story is based on a style that supports the visual guidelines from EU — as well as visual guidelines from the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, which is located in Copenhagen.

At the same time, the comic is supported by posters, web banners and the like, which are physically distributed at the various schools around Denmark. 

Visual storytelling and flat design

The comic book (the sequential visual narrative) is made in flat design. This way it looks like a simple version of a cartoon as the young audience is used to seeing these characters. It also makes the illustrations easy to decode, thus the story is easy to understand and remember — taking advantage of comics as a medium.

The main characters are composed in such a way that they seem appealing and interesting to look at for children aged 6-12.

Comic books are popular

The comic book genre has become more and more popular over the past five years – not just in Copenhagen and the metropolitan area – but throughout Denmark. Worldwide, the demand for comics is increasing as a communication medium.

Large global companies such as Google (th.), Zappos, Peugeot, Twitter and ebay already use corporate comic books both internally and externally as an active part of their communication and advertising. 

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