Speed drawing

Drawing in high speed

A speed drawing video is a video, where you see drawing in high speed. These videos often include the hand of an illustrator drawing or the line just unfolding, and a speak is added explaining the content and the illustrations. These videos are awesome for explaining complex stuff in a simple manner. You can use them for internal and external communication like strategies, implementation, presentation, instruction videos, commercials, explainer videos and much more. 

Many types and concepts of speed drawing

Sucess has many fathers

Speed drawing videos, pen and voice videos, drawn videos, white board videos or illustration videos – success has many fathers. They are also called whiteboard-animation, graphic recording videos, live drawing videos. It’s all about drawing on video. 

For every need

Just like a it’s hard to find one fitting name for alle these videos – they can also be created and produced in many different ways. We offer all kinds – from live recorded videos to computer made ones. Which type to choose depends on the video’s purpose, budget and internal approval processes in your company. 

Why you should get a speed drawing video

Did you know that your brain decodes visual information 60,000 times faster than e.g. text? In fact, your eyes contribute 85% of your knowledge of and perception of the world. By the way, your brain constantly uses approx. 25% of its energy on analyzing visual information.

High retention with speed drawing

You automatically get high retention on your page with a whiteboard movie. Put another way – people can remember better when they see things explained with a drawing.

For your communication to be successful, the criteria of “understanding”, “retention” and “appeal” must be met. And it happens quite naturally with a whiteboard movie.

Your recipient must be able to understand the content, he or she must be able to remember the message afterwards – and for it to be possible at all, it is important that the material or video is appealing, ie looks good and is clear.

The drawing effect

Studies show that we humans can better remember and understand something when we draw it.

Drawing integrates three types of experiences: 1. the semantic – where we generate internal visual processes. 2. activation of the motor cortex – this is the planned movement of your hand when you draw. And 3. The visual you see while drawing or watching others draw.

In fact, recent research unequivocally shows that drawing improves memory over writing.

Mirror neurons

A well-produced speed drawing video meets the requirement of comprehension, retention and appeal. But it does so much more. Because when we see other people doing something – like drawing – our mirror neurons activate. Hence we can copy and understand what’s happening.  This creates a neural pathway in the brain and makes these videos very easy to remember. However, it is important to say that in order for the mirror neurons to be activated, the hands in the speed drawing videos must look real. Some types of software use hands that have clearly not drawn the content. Then the effect is not achieved.

need a speed drawing video?

Levende Streg can help you tell the stories of your business. We specialize in getting to know your core area and turn it into an easy-to-understand and interesting universe of drawings and animation.

Our animation videos are used both internally on various intranets and externally on websites, digital channels, TV screens, Youtube and so on. The entire production takes place in-house at Levende Streg.

Maria Prohazka

Marie Buus

frequently asked questions

  • Pricing of a speed drawing video?

    The price for a speed drawing video varies. What influences the budget is the duration of the video, the complexity of drawings and movement and language versions.

    A low-budget speed drawing film can cost from DKK 15,000 (+ VAT) per. minute - while the beautiful and more advanced films often cost well over DKK 100,000 (+ VAT) per minute.

    On average, a high-quality speed drawing video (1.5 - 2 minutes) costs between DKK 50,000 - 75,000 (+ VAT) at Levende Streg.

  • What's the production timeline?

    The production time of a speed drawing film varies depending on duration of the film - and how the approval processes are in your organization.

    On average, it takes 4-8 weeks to create, record, animate and produce a speed drawing video of approx. 1-2 minutes duration.

    If you need a speed drawing film with a longer duration, the production time is extended.

  • Which types of drawn videos are there?

    There are many different types of drawn video (where the hand draws). The most commonly used form of speed drawing video is whiteboard film, where the background is white and the marker draws a black outline.

    A good alternative is a "black board film", where you draw on a black / dark gray background with a white outline.

    Of course you can actually use many different types of backgrounds (like walls, concrete, wood and asphalt, to light paper, dark paper and everything in between).

  • The benefits of a speed drawing video

    When things are hands drawn, we're much better at understanding them, remembering them and retelling them. 

    It is called "the drawing effect" - a recognized method based on the activated mirror neurons in the brain. When your recipient sees such a video, it creates a dedicated pathway in the brain, and therefore the message of high quality speed drawing sticks with your recipient. In order for the mirror neurons to be activated in your receiver, it is essential that hands and movement look "real" in the video.