Live drawing events

A live drawing event is an event – such as a strategic meeting, a conference or a lecture – where live drawing takes place. It is also called graphic recording or a visual recording.

Levende Streg visualizes everything from strategic leadership sessions with C-level management to seminars or employee days.

Remote live drawing

Visualize your strategy - remote and live

It really adds value to have an illustrator at the online meeting or online conference. And a lot of companies are gradually transitioning to REMOTE visualization for meetings and strategy sessions.

In fact, it is a service we have been offering for many years. But it has really become one of our most in demand services in a very short time, where we have visualized an incredible number of strategy sessions and workshops. 

It’s really simple. An illustrator from Levende Streg is invited to an online meeting, where we then participate on an equal footing with everyone else. We listen and watch – while we draw directly on the screen.

The end product is a vector illustration where all the different elements and key messages are visualized – ready for sharing.

Levende Streg remote live drawing
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The Benefits of live drawing

Our brain loves visual stuff

Our brains tend to process visual information far more easily than written information.

Therefore, the use of charts, graphs, infographics and tangible drawings ensures faster understanding.

This provides a clear form of communication that enables business leaders and employees to interpret and act on information more quickly.

The drawing effect

Many strategies and reports are so formalized and detailed that they fail to make information  memorable for your recipient.

Visualization, on the other hand, means that your recipient understands your strategy, your visions, must-win battles and the whole big picture – and can live and pass on your messages.

This is called “the drawing effect”.

getting the big picture

One of the great benefits of live visualization is that you get the whole big picture – some call it the helicopter perspective – LIVE right here and now.

It provides an opportunity to see your company’s strategy, sub-goals, goals and visions in the short and in the long run.

Thus it provides an opportunity for overview, understanding and further actions.

Need us to draw at your event?

Live visualization is a fantastic tool that more and more companies use for eg. strategic work and internal and external communication.

Right now we are experiencing a great demand for REMOTE live drawing – that is, where we do live visualization on your online event.

Call and book us for your event now.

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Marie Buus / Managing Partner

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is live drawing?

    Live drawing is internationally recognized as a tool for conveying complex content visually - and making it more manageable, easier to understand and easier to remember. It is also called graphic recording or visual recording. It's when an illustrator draws at a meeting or conference while meeting content is presented. 

  • What is live drawing used for?

    Live drawing or live drawing creates an overview and brings your message to life.

    Live drawing makes your message easy to understand, easy to remember and easy to follow and retell. This is also why many Danish and foreign companies use live drawing in e.g. their work with company strategies, visions and change management.

  • What is the effect of live drawing?

    The human brain processes visual information 60,000 faster than text. That's why live drawing is so effective.

    There is even something called "drawing effect". It refers to the fact that we humans can remember and understand much better when we see something drawn or draw our selves.

    Therefore, more and more companies are using live drawing or remote visualization to get through with their messages.

  • How much does live drawing cost?

    You book an illustrator or visual facilitator for your event, whether it is live (analogue) or online (digital) for a half or full day.

    It costs DKK 12,500 (+ VAT) for half a day - and DKK 20,500 (+ VAT) for a whole day.

    In addition, you might pay for transport, mileage and catering - and possibly extra time set aside for rehearsals or test setup.

  • Do we just draw without preparation?

    Yes, sometimes. But most often when we do events like these, it is an incredibly focused plan on the day itself. Therefore, it is always best that we are thoroughly briefed before the event, so that everyone is aware of the plan, set-up, features and more. This boosts the result and give better drawings on the day itself.