Illustration er omdrejningspunktet i Levende Streg. Alle vores produkter tager udgangspunkt i den tegnede streg, når vi skal forklare spidsfindige pointer eller de mest komplekse emner på en enkel og forståelig måde.


De visionære virksomheder i erhvervslivet har efterhånden taget illustration til sig som en vigtig del af deres kommunikation. For illustrationer kan ikke bare vise virkeligheden - det kan vise fremtid, drømme og visioner.


The human brain constantly is working to decode visual messages. In fact, we use 25% of our brain capacity to decode visual messages (while awake). This is done through an analysis and interpretation of e.g body language, posture, facial expressions or scanning the surroundings.

Our human body and brain is simply wired to have 100 highways open - through our eyes. So of course we must make use of this amazing feat - and create our communication to fit it. This way our communication will easiest to understand for the brain. This is where corporate illustrations and videos come in.


Illustrations can show what could potentially happen in the future. Illustration can show something that does not exist yet. Illustration can create an overview and the image is in your recipient's brain.

Studies in visual communication has shown that if an illustration has "appeal", create "comprehension" and "retention" it works better. This means that if an illustration is interesting and nice to look at, and also creates an overview, there is a high probability that it also creates understanding and retention of the recipient.

One can understand and remember messages better when you've seen it visually.


Business illustrations are often very polished. They are made in such a way that they can under no circumstances be misinterpreted or seen as offensive to other people. Because most large companies today have offices - and customers - all over the world, the illustrations are created in such a way that they can be used cross cultures and social classes.

Often many managers are part of the approval process. That is why business illustrations often take longer to draw than if it is just a nice drawing of a person or thing. At the same time this type of artwork focus on a corporate mindset, using corporate language and act on issues that are in relevant to the business. This requires that you get insight into the company to draw from.


At Levende Streg we do all many different forms of illustration for our customers - in many different styles. Most often the style depends on the purpose of the illustration and what the illustration is intended to communicate Here you can read more about some of the different styles / genres and media.


The comic book media is a great, highly creative and awesome way to tell your company story. Comics are great for communicating clearly to your receiver in a new and fresh (but very corporate) way. They're great for short messages like guidelines, etc.

At Levende Streg we love the comic book media. And we always try to incorporate a humorous expression or other sentiments. Because if your story leaves your user with a smile on the face or a tear in the eye, you got your message through. People remember the content when they FEEL something in connection with it.


Corporate illustrations are illustrations created for companies. The most often have a specific corporate look. At Levende Streg we receive many inquiries from customers that like our work and style because it fits well into a corporate look and into a corporate identity. We like to think that it is because our illustrations are a fine mix of minimalist, graphic and realistic style. That means that we for example can draw a certain CEO, so it looks like him or her, without it being a caricature.


Pencil drawins are drawings created with pencils or crayons on paper. Or it can mean vector illustrations hand drawn on the computer - but looking like they were created on paper with a pencil. And by the way don't make the mistake of thinking it's easier (and cheaper) to draw on a computer. It's not. In fact it's way more challenging for most illustrators to draw on a computer. Luckily on Levende Streg we master at both!

Most often our customers need scalable illustrations. So most of the pencil drawings we create are vector illustrations (looking like real hand drawings).


A technical drawing is an illustration that communicates technical content. Technical drawings are used for example for patent applications or specific product descriptions, thus these drawings are extremely detailed.


A sketch is a "not quite so accurate" illustration. Sketching is a great way of visualizing future plans, new buildings, a website, happenings or events. At Levende Streg we often create sketches for e.g. advertising agencies.


A storyboard is a combination of illustrations and text and tells the story of a video. Levende Streg creates storyboards to all our movies. We also create storyboards for corporations or production companies to use in other movies.


Vector illustrations are most often created in special software like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop or the likes.Curves and lines in vector illustrations are made up of Bezier-curves.

Vector illustrations are scalable (bitmaps are not). That means that your drawing can be turned into a print the size of 14 football fields, it that is your request. Also vector illustrations are used in different animation software.  At Levende Streg we work with both vector and bitmap illustration.