We all know what a business strategy is and why we need them, right? A business strategy is a company’s game plan for achieving its visions and strengthening the performance of the enterprise.

But all too often top managers working on that game plan get lost in their own highfaluting frases and platitudes – and end up having difficulties in communicating that very cool game plan down through the hierarchy of their organization. And that’s why you need to look into visualizing your business strategy. You need to create and print the roadmap and circle in the pitstops on the jurney!

What is visualization?

In short visualization is a practice wherein you use mental imagery to achieve something. Sort of like positive daydreaming used as short meditation sessions. For instance the famous boxing legend Muhammad Ali used to picture himself victorious long before the actual fight. So you need all your employees picturing themselves as winners.

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And all athletes know the importance of picturing themselves winning – before they do it in real life. All successful entrepreneurs use that tool too. Because how are you going to make employees understand your focus areas and perform according to plan, if you yourself can’t picture the destination or even the pit stops on the journey?

Drop the fluff!

And here it becomes tricky! Because you need to find out what your goal is and what it looks like? A lot top managers and leaders make the mistake of using corporate fluffy words and frases when they communicate the business strategy. But you need specifics. No fluff!

Too frequently there are gaps between strategic thinking and implementation. Too often business strategies focus on key priorities – lots and lots of text with icons. You need to focus more on how the team and employees individually can contribute to achieving these goals through tangible actions.

For instance if you’re in retail a must-win battle could look something like this: “Identify new sources of income to add more value for the customers”… say what? Or how about: “Reinvent network planning”. There is absolutely nothing tangible there, no images in those frases. And most people will struggle with the meaning.

Talk in metaphors

Why not try a different approach. Why not think in images and talk in metaphors. You need to start visualizing your business strategy! If you ask for chocolate cake, it’s your responsibility to give your people the right recipe for that very cake! Otherwise you might end up with a chocolate fondant when your customers were craving brownie.

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But visualization is a difficult tool to master. And you can’t expect people to be able to envision your vision when you explain it to them. YOU need to create the images for them!

Need any help?

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