Murals have become more and more trendy in recent years. And graffiti is no longer something you just look at the street. Graffiti has become art on par with paintings, print and graphic design work. And especially for companies, it’s a great opportunity to quickly showcase their core story and core values.

A mural for your company

At Levende Streg we make murals – and often for companies. Because there is something magnificent and empowering in seeing your business core story and corporate values, must-win battles, taglines and the like become part of a huge artwork like a mural is. That’s why we are also experiencing increasing demand for this type of work. And since we are used to reading complex strategies and comprehensive content, it is of course also part of the process when making wall paintings.

How to make a mural

In fact, the process of making a mural is quite simple, but it takes time and patience. And there is not really any shortcut or quick fix to achieve the most beautiful mural. It just takes a lot of time.

First, we talk storytelling and context with our client. What’s the brand story? How about values and goals? Next, we will outline a sketch for the mural – a sketch that fits the wall chosen for the artwork. Once the sketch is approved, drawing and coloring is started. We first draw a grid on the wall and draw the sketch in size. It may take some time.

Then we begin to shake spray paint cans for coloring. And finally, the outline (the black line goes outside).

Process turned upside down

That’s why it’s very time-consuming to work with murals. And it can be hard to judge the outcome before the outline has been drawn in! You know it from a paint book. It is fun to fill the color between the black lines. But on a wall painting you put a lot of color on first – and finally the black line comes. It takes practice to keep the big overview and reach the goal of a good artwork.

You can see the process in live action in this time lapse video, where Maria Prohazka makes a Thor mural (yes the guy from comic books) to the company Glaze in the meat town.


At Levende Streg we love comic books and we love murals. That’s why the comic style is so visibly recognizable in our art and the way we draw murals – with the black line fully inked out. Instead of using spray paint for the outline (which may be a bit blurred and shabby-looking), we draw outlines on wall paintings with acrylic markers (ie large markers with acrylic paint). That way, our artworks and murals get a clean and crisp look that oozes of high quality.

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