Levende Streg created a speed drawing video about Copenhagen – for the City of Copenhagen. The speed drawing video is about how the local authorities makes more space for the children and their families – despite a large population growth in the metropolitan area.

The speed drawing video is made with the City of Copenhagen as sender – to Copenhagen’s families with children. The video explains, among other things, why some schools are merged – and how the space in Copenhagen is best utilized for everyone’s benefit.

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You can see the speed drawing video about Copenhagen and how to make room for the children below.

Speed drawing video

The video is a speed drawing video, ie. A drawn video, where one sees the illustrator drawing live while a speaker explains the storyline. It is made in Levende Streg’s studio in the Meat Packing District, Copenhagen. It is with Danish speak and has a duration of 1 minute and 17 seconds. Production time from project launch to end was around the rain 5 weeks.

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