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Cartoon as presentation video? Yes, you read that correct. Levende Streg has made a cartoon for educational use for the Danish Institute for Voluntary Effort (DIVE). The video should work as a presentation video and, among other things, be shown to students when attending one of DIVE’s many course offerings.

Our brain favors animation

Did you know that our brain favors 2D elements and drawings over 3D elements? That’s because our eyes see their inputs as 2D objects – and send them to our brain. In fact, 3D images on e.g. screen reduce recognizability and understanding.

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We love a good cartoon

This is also why a 2D cartoon or drawings are so effective and good at explaining content. The human brain easily recognizes simple geometric shapes (such as a cylinders, circles, triangles, etc.) when it analyzes and understands content. And animated characters and graphic objects in animated films are made up of exactly geometric shapes. That is why our brain has an easy time watching and interpreting an animated film.

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Video with company design

The cartoon is created so as to fit DIVE’s existing visual identity (with color and font) and are based on an existing design that Levende Streg has build upon. The style and colors are intentionally kept in a simple style that relates to many different people and types of people.

About the client

The Danish Institute for Voluntary Effort (DIVE) is the national, independent centre for development, competences and knowledge for volunteering in the social welfare sector. Their purpose is to strengthen and develop volunteering, active citizenship and civil society in Denmark. Read more at frivillighed.dk