Cartoon movies (animation films) are an ideal medium for companies to explain their products, solutions and processes. And because animation films are not “to be recorded” but are drawn and created fom of imagination – the medium is ideal for explaining everything from user manuals to strategic processes or complex product solutions.

Cartoon video about artificial intelligence

Levende Streg has made several cartoon videos for JumpStory, a platform that reinvents digital communication and marketing. It is a platform where you can get written and optimized content and copy for any purpose – from regular texts to a blog post, newsletter or LinkedIn posts.

Cartoons and storytelling for SoMe

The animation films are created for campaign use on social media and platforms – as well as websites. That means that the different cartoon videos are structured and constructed in such a way that the stories can be used as very short spots for eg. Youtube, as well as longer spots for Facebook and Instagram. And of course there are two longer videos created for landing pages and websites.

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As a business it is very important to really spend time on the different stories you publish, so that they can be used on different social media – and target the various SoMe platforms. Read the article I’ve written on the subject for K-forum.

Cartoon videos for business

Cartoon videos or animated videos are very popular for corporate communication. In fact many companies experience that their branding and brand value first really gain momentum and win territory when they put images on their core story.

A company’s core story or narrative is the story that explains a company’s eligibility. It’s the story of your company’s uniqueness  and what creates value for your organization.

Most companies have a core story they like to tell anyone who’s listening. But to really gain momentum the narrative must have essence, humor and purpose. Feelings and humor are essential. That’s why many companies turn to animated videoer.

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