infographic video

Originally an infographic video meant an animated version of an infographic.

Over the last couple of years, however, the term ”infographic video” has become a more general term – meaning a certain type of animated video that serves data and information in a viewer friendly and easy to understand manner.


The term infographic covers the combination of information combined with graphics. That means that an infographic video is a combination of information and graphics put in motion – and most often with sound added too.

Infographics are often used in newspapers to explain different complicated subjects and to create an easy to understand overview of complex information.

And infographic videos are indeed very effective for create a quick overview – and to explain complex stuff in a simple and entertaining manner.


Successful visual communication combines ”appeal”, ”comprehension” and ”retention”. That means your viewer thinks your information looks cool (appeal), they feel they understand what you want to say (comprehension), and they can actually remember what you said afterwards (retention).

Infographics or infographic videos are great medias to create both the ”appeal” and the ”comprehension”. But what about ”retention”? That’s where the storytelling aspect comes in. Because as great as infographics and infographic videos are to ensure fast encoding in the viewer’s brain, you need the ”storytelling glue” to make the message stick.


Levende Streg can help you tell your company's stories. We specialize in getting to the core of your business and transforming it into an easy to understand and interesting universe of illustration and animation.

Infographic videos can be used both internally and externally on websites, digital channels, tv screens, Youtube and so on.