Video setup in Copenhagen

Levende Streg has a TV studio in Kødbyen, Copenhagen. This is where we make both live streams, live visualizations, strategic visualizations, animated films and recordings for speed drawing.

That way, we are always ready when a customer needs a live REMOTE visualization, a strategy workshop or anything else that needs to be drawn live and digitally.

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Tech geek

In fact, Maria Prohazka from Levende Streg is a bit of a tech nerd. She always has new ideas on how to improve the technical setup, or how to automate the creative flow.

Here you can see a video on how you can set up different keypads to work with our TV studio setup, Atem Mini Pro from Blackmagic Design.

The video setup

Levende Streg agency is born out of a curiosity to combine the drawn universe with the digital universe. And today there are just so many opportunities to do the most wonderful things, where we combine illustration, animation, video, 3D, 2D and high tech. It’s both challenging and fun! And it allows us to think outside the box – and create something new that is really creative. That is why it is also important that we are constantly at the forefront of digital development.

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Here you can also see how we work with optimization of our creative workflow.

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