Business animation about online election system

Levende Streg has made a business video about the online election system Assembly Voting X. Assembly Voting X is Scandinavia’s most used electronic election system for holding statutory and non-statutory elections. The election system is Danish developed and supports all common types of elections.​ 

The animation is created like a classic 2D animation and explains what Assembly Voting X is and how it works. The system works like a regular polling station – just digital – and is a fully documented End-to-End verifiable online voting system. Assembly Voting X is capable of conducting secure and trustworthy elections in all statutory and non-statutory elections.

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Business video for large target audience

As the video has a broad target group, diversity and broad recognizability are important points of the story. This has contributed to a simplistic choice of style so that the recipient stays focused on what is really important – the core message. Because when it’s easy to decode, then it’s easier to remember and retell the story.

And remembering and retelling is important. Did you know that more than 92 percent of all users who watch video on their mobile – share the content they watch. And that’s what you want to achieve as a sender.

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Boil it down to…

The material and content of this business video is super complex. That’s why we set aside a lot of time in the work process for reviewing election rules and content and so on. Because it takes time and lots of practice to cook all that complexity down to the perfect broth!

Marie buus / Managing partner

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