Guerilla Marketing … What does it have to do with live drawing? At Levende Streg we often draw live at conferences, meetings, work shops and seminars or strategy sessions.

Many companies have seen the light. They actively use live drawing to create external attention – or as part of a change management process internally for eg buy in, understanding or behavioral changes.

Below you can see an example from one of our live drawing events, this one was for the Process Industry in Denmark. With 8 speakers, the drawing was shared a lot by the people who participated in the event and thus is in drawing.

Guerilla Marketing is a “must-have”

But not everyone can see the point. The other day I overheard someone say that live drawing and strategy visualization was “Nice to have” – not “need to have”. And here I had to strongly oppose. Because live drawing for external events is one of the best marketing tricks you can for money at an event! And live drawing internally is one of the most effective ways of creating change and compliance with a strategy.

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From analogue to digital

And it is precisely in the analogue that live drawing has its strength. Because it’s fun to watch an illustrator draw live. At the same time, conference participants are extremely willing to share pictures of drawings (especially of themselves) subsequently on SoMe channels. This means that afterwards a real buzz is created about your event.

What is guerilla marketing?

That’s why live drawing has a strong connection to guerrilla marketing. Because on a relatively small budget you can create quite a lot of attention about your event or product – through sharing on social media and talk-about-value, where participants at your event are talking about the event afterwards.

It is our experience that the size and content of the drawing itself creates Wow effect, which makes many of our customers frame the original drawing and show it at their office and to potential customers and employees.

In addition, a scan of the final drawing is particularly useful for digital newsletters, websites, and the like.

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