You need to visualize success! Maybe you’ve heard that frase before, but what does it mean? And how do you do it?

Visualization is the ability to create images in your mind. The ability to use your imagination to create things you have or have not seen yet. Many of my clients have asked me: “How do you know on forehand what the end result will look like? How do you know that what I suggest will NOT work visually?”

The answer is of course that I can visualize things. If you describe it, I’ve got a picture of it in my mind. I’m one of those people who dream in vivid images with full range colors. And I praise myself very lucky that I’ve been blessed with that skill. But what if your mind is not like that?

You have the ability to avoid disaster

Originally, in the maze of the brain and in the history of it’s development, visualization and imagination was used for avoiding accidents or misshappenings – and securing survival.

You know the feeling. At dinner, in your minds eye, you can see your kid knocking over his glass before it’s happening, so you move the glass a bit out of his reach. Or when crossing the road you can sense the danger – and you check for incoming vehicles. That’s visualization at work!

So as adults we all have the ability to scan for danger and imagine disaster. For some people (with a stressed nervous system) disastrous thoughts are ever present and very hard to ignore – and can be very limiting and restraining for that person.

Use it for postive purposes

But you can also use it in a much more positive manner. Not to AVOID mishaps – but to MAKE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN FOR YOU! Visualizations can pave the way to success!

When you use visualization in a positive manner, you let your nervous system, brain and body learn and expect that good things can happen. You can succeed in your quest.

So in that way visualizations can help create the momentum you need to improve your situation, the momentum to loose weight, get that promotion, start your own business or win that important new client.

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A difficult tool to master…

But positive visualization can be a difficult tools to master. The brain is hardwired to foresee what bad things can happen to you. So you can keep yourself alive and don’t get eaten by a saber-toothed tiger.

So most people struggle with seeing new GOOD situations, new GOOD designs or new NICE images inside their head. Both because many of us are used to very limiting thoughts about our selves, but also because we don’t really train our ability to “make believe” in a positive manner. So in reality by default most people are just not visual when their eyes are closed. And they can’t see past the blackness behind their closed eyes.

Actually positive visualization is a form of meditation. It takes time and practice! You need to go over the same situation over and over again. Perfect every part of it. There’s no quick fix. And many people become bored with the practice. They let themselves be distracted by easer things because they struggle for the pictures to come.

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Ripe the fruit of visualization anyway!

But there still is a way to ripe the fruit of visualization even though you can’t visualize things in your mind. Think of it this way. You just need a bit of help for the pictures to come in your mind! You need a kickstart! Something to spark or boost your imagination.

The best way to get started is to surrounding yourself with images or print designs that inspire you. Watch videos that sparks your imagination! And if images alone don’t do the trick for you, try putting up some mantras along side of your prints!

If you’ve never heard of mantras, now is the time. Originally mantra is a word, frase or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. Today many people use these words or frases to instill self awareness and self confidence in them selves. Some use them to tone down anxiety and fears – trying to keep the focus on a positive and giving mindset.

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And take care, there are pitfalls in the visualization jungle. Just surrounding yourself with pictures of all the things you want to buy is not going to get you there. Actually it can have a very demotivating effect – and thus work against you.

Need inspiration or got any questions?

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