Your logo is the most important part of your CVI, your company’s visual identity. And ideally, your logo will show the essence of your business. And here the color is paramount.

Though it may seem trivial to decide on color when getting your logo designed, the color is as important as the rest of the design on your logo.

Have you ever considered why so many fast food chains make use red and yellow colors in their CVI and logo? It’s because studies have shown that red and yellow color stimulate the appetite. Quite important if you want to sell food, right?

You have 90 seconds

Research shows that we unconsciously make assumptions and judgements about other people, environments or products. In fact, within 90 seconds, we have formed our opinion after having seen a product for the first time. And between 62% and 90% of this judgement is based on color alone.

This means that we associate certain fonts, colors and design styles with high quality. Even though they actually have nothing at all to do with the actual product.

It also means that you must focus on your main target group when working with your CVI and more specifically with your company logo.

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The color red is a real attention grabber. Red is often associated with power, passion, trust and intensity.

A red logo shows that your brand is powerful, and that you and your customers are passionate about your business or product.

Studies show that the color red increases appetite. And studies show that most people prefer foods that are reddish in color.So red as logo color is a good choice if you’re in the  catering or food business.

The color red also increases heart rate. It may be a good choice as a logo color if your company has a customer group that is very passionate or buys on impulse. At the same time, the color red stands for good luck and happy new beginnings in China.


This color is eye catching and has to do with playfulness, enthusiasm and high energy.

If your logo and corporate colors are orange, it means that you see your business is seen as friendly, happy and cheerful – and that it has a playful approach to the world. Many entrepreneurs and upstarts tend to use orange as corporate colors.


The color yellow has to do with the sun and is associated with joy and optimism. It’s a warm color that encourages good communication. On the negative side, the color may also refer to “warning” signs and to watch out for danger (such as road signs).

When you select yellow as your company logo, it tells your customers that your business is friendly and positive. Remember to choose a yellow color that isn’t too much over the top. A sharp yellow color can be unpleasant to look at.


Green Is the color of youth, nature and ecology. Green represents growth and an eco friendly mindset.

If green is your business color, your likely in the organic food business – or you have to do with ecology or environmental work. At the same time, green – (in some countries such as the United States) is related to money. So if you have a financial business of some kind, green is also a good choice.


Blue is related to serenity, logic and security. It reminds us of the sea and the sky. Blue has a calming and relaxing effect on us. At the same time, blue has an ability to “slow down” appetite and lower heart rate.

If your corporate color is blue, it supports the image of your business as driven by logic and professionalism. The blue color is trustworthy and stands for the safe choice.


Purple is a royal color. In ancient times the color was expensive and difficult to make. Therefore, only the very rich could afford this color. Today, purple is still associated with luxury and wealth.

If your corporate color is purple, your customer group is most likely wealthy and imaginative. They love luxury and would gladly pay a little extra for the best quality.


Is a color that is strongly associated with femininity and sweet foods.

If your corporate color is pink, there is a good chance your target audience will consist mainly of women. If your company sells foods, it is probably sweets, ice cream, candy, donuts or cakes.


This color is associated with seriousness and high quality. It is a sophisticated choice and is often used for luxury products.

If your corporate color is black, your business is likely a well established business – with a strong reputation for high quality and elegance.

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