How to train Midjourney AI?

Can artificial intelligence be trained? And how do you do it? By now, most of us are familiar with artificial intelligence. But the people who work with it on a daily basis actually call it machine learning. Or Deep L (deep learning). Because artificial intelligence is not actually intelligent in the sense that we humans usually talk about intelligence. AI is good at pattern recognition.

What is Midjourney AI?

Midjourney AI is a platform that uses machine learning to generate unique images based on text descriptions from users. Using this AI model, individuals and businesses can create stunning images by simply entering specific prompts.

Here is a video where I show how to train Midjourney. Actually, Midjourney cannot be trained in the same way as Stable Diffusion can. But Midjourney can be tweaked. And that’s what I explain in this video.

What is a prompt?

A prompt is a kind of introduction to a specific topic and gives instructions to the AI on what to do for you – and how to complete the task. Prompts can be of different kinds. You write different types of prompts for different types of AI.

How to get started with Midjourney?

To access Midjourney, users can join the Midjourney server on Discord and interact with the Midjourney bot by initiating conversations with the “/imagine prompt” command.

By attaching images and using relevant commands, users can explore the creative possibilities offered by Midjourney AI. In addition, Midjourney allows users to describe images, for example, by typing the command “/describe” in the chat box and attaching the desired image, facilitating effective communication with the AI model.

Here is a video on training models in Stable Diffusion. In Stable Diffusion you can train models of people, animals or objects. This is done right now in Dreambooth. Watch this video to learn more.

Why use Artificial Intelligence?

In the world of artificial intelligence and creative design, the possibilities seem endless. One of these AI tools that has attracted attention is Midjourney. Many enthusiasts have expressed their curiosity in training Midjourney to create shapes in different poses and angles.

In this article, we will explore the potential of practicing Midjourney and dive into techniques to achieve the desired image results. In addition, we will discuss the importance of effective cropping, working with 3D models, and introduce useful tools to enhance your AI-powered creative process. Watch the video above.

Understanding training and Midjourney

Midjourney works differently from other AI engines in terms of training. Although direct image feeding is not allowed due to community content issues, Midjourney offers an “img2img” feature that uses images as inspiration to generate desired images. However, it is important to note that Image Prompting and initializing an image are not the same processes. Therefore, to develop shapes efficiently in Midjourney, you need to consider alternative approaches.

How to create a good prompt for AI

To direct Midjourney to generate the desired compositions, the key is a good prompt, which is effective. The AI cannot read your mind – not nendu anyway. It relies on textual prompts.

By understanding different camera angles, styles, perspective, image composition, angles and so on, you can improve your results.


For better control over the image generation process, the seed and remix settings prove invaluable. Seed is a kind of diffusion seed that creates a uniform starting point for image generation. By using the same seed, it becomes possible to create multiple images of the same figure in different poses and perspectives.

This opens up exciting possibilities for creators. By incorporating the concept of “lookalike” and using the seed, same seed and remix options, superior results can be achieved, especially when developing cartoon characters that need to resemble themselves throughout an entire comic book.

Composition and Midjourney

Although Midjourney is excellent for creating compositions, there may be cases where the cropping or content is not what you want. To solve this challenge, it can help to include specific details about the angle of the face and eyes.

The creative process

To help generate effective prompts and expand your creative possibilities, tools like Clip Interorgater can be invaluable. This tool analyzes uploaded images to provide appropriate prompts for Midjourney or Stable Diffusion creations.

AI image generation

Artificial intelligence as a creative tool is evolving rapidly. Midjourney presents exciting possibilities for character creation and image manipulation. By leveraging specific prompting techniques, taking advantage of the seed and remix options, and exploring 3D modeling possibilities, creators can achieve remarkable results. The world of AI-powered art generation is constantly expanding, and future episodes will show just how much we come to rely on it.

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