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Are you struggling to communicate your ideas or business strategy effectively? Then graphic facilitation might be the solution for you – and Levende Streg (headquartered in Copenhagen) can help.

grafisk facilitering / graphic recording Levende Streg

Graphic Facilitation in Copenhagen?

Graphic facilitation is a technique where visual aids are used to improve communication and understanding of your ideas or strategy. The facilitator (or illustrator) uses a combination of words, symbols and images to capture ideas and discussions that arise during the meeting.

How does the Graphic Recording work?

Graphic facilitation works by creating a visual representation of your message, strategy or event. The visual facilitator (illustrator) uses a large piece of paper, whiteboard or computer with a drawing board to capture ideas and discussions that arise during the meeting, event or strategy session.

The illustrator uses a combination of words, symbols and images to represent ideas and discussions. This visual representation helps to clarify the discussions and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Benefits of Graphic Recording Copenhagen

Graphic facilitation has several benefits:

  • Improved communication: visual aids can help improve communication and understanding in meetings.
  • Increased engagement: The use of visual aids can help increase engagement in meetings by making them more interactive and engaging.
  • Better memory: The use of visual aids can help people remember the discussions and ideas that were discussed in the meeting.
  • More effective problem solving: The visual aids used in graphic facilitation in Copenhagen can help identify the root cause of problems and develop effective solutions.
Neuland markers are great for a graphic facilitator. Most illustrators use them for graphic recording.

How can Levende Streg help you with Graphic Recording in Copenhagen?

Levende Streg is one of the leading experts in graphic facilitation and live drawing in Denmark. Our team of facilitators and illustrators are specialized in using visual aids to improve communication and understanding in meetings.

Levende Streg offers a range of graphic facilitation services in Copenhagen and throughout Denmark:

  • Graphic facilitation during meetings, events, strategy workshops, etc.
  • Live visualization of your messages and strategies
  • Tailor-made graphic tools and solutions

Levende Streg has helped a wide range of companies and organizations around the world to improve their meetings and communication skills using live drawing. Our service is tailored to the needs and goals of each client.

Want to book an illustrator too?

In conclusion, graphic facilitation is a valuable tool for communicating your business strategy. It simplifies complex ideas and concepts into easy-to-understand visual images that are engaging and memorable. By using graphic recording, you can improve communication, increase engagement and participation, and generate new ideas and insights. If you haven’t tried live drawing yet, consider using it for your next strategy session.

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