Levende Streg recently helped a large Danish company with visualization of strategy. This was on a meeting with some of the company’s researchers. It was an exciting and fruitful workshop about strategy and product development. The researchers eagerly drew along with our illustrator trying to explain their different points of view and their expertise.

Levende Streg illustrated strategy, objectives, product development, processes, moon shots and much more. For the company’s specialists the visualization made all of their thoughts and visions more tangible. Thus it was suddenly easier to agree on the way forward and how to get there.


To develop a business strategy is complex, but basically it is crucial that the strategy is easy to communicate and understand. If no one understands the strategy, then it is of course of no use.

When a strategy is visualized, it stands it’s absolute test. Because if it can’t be explained, it can’t be visualized. Visualization creates greater common understanding in a group. Even simple visualizations can help to provide a group of people with different backgrounds (technical and business wise) a better starting point for their common task.


The tactile (bodily) and visual approach to strategy development (drawing while developing) is exciting because it releases a lot of creative energy. At the same time it makes processes, vision and next steps very manageable. With visualization as part of the process it’s possible for employees to communicate their vision to others.

It is always very inspiring to learn more about how a company works. When the topic is complex – that’s when we really shine at Levende Streg. Because then visualizations really make a great difference in the understanding of a given topic.


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