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I’ve enjoyed working with Levende Streg. They have a professional approach and have worked effectively to achieve the assignment, which was a comic book about the EU School Scheme for Milk, Fruit and Vegetables. The result totally meets expectations.

The Danish Ministry of Environment and Food Sannah Plenaa Thorngreen, clerk, the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food invited Levende Streg to hold a presentation to our network of business partners, who all work with municipal communication, regional or national. In addition to being well-prepared, energetic and sympathetic, they challenged our thoughts and informed about digital trends. We got clear guidelines for ‘do’s ​​and dont’s to reach our target groups – especially regarding video. Therese K. Thorstholm, User and Network Consultant,

​In collaboration with Levende Streg we produced a 2-minute video that explains the common performance management challenges in companies worldwide.

The video combines humor and seriousness in a balanced way. ​Levende Streg succeeded to ensure clear messaging within a complex area​.​

The project process was very structured and made it easy to be a customer. All milestones were reached on time ​and ​in the right quality. I can ​highly recommend Levende Steg as ​v​ideo supplier.

DELOITTE Jonas Bjerre Balmer, seniorkonsulent

In the Frederiksberg Municipality’s Prevention Area, we needed to visualize our internal strategy so that the written word did not stand alone. During a few telephone meetings, Levende Streg solved the task in the best way and within the budget. Our visualization of the strategy has gained many praises in our department, and has made it easier for management to visualize work on our common core task.

FREDERIKSBERG KOMMUNE Irene Harboe Brandt, Teamleder
We contacted Levende Streg because we needed a product video. Because we were very pleased with the collaboration it later developed into 4 videos in all.
Maria and Marie are both professional, structured and skilled at their craftsmanship. They had a good understanding for our complex product and we felt we were in good hands during the entire process. The project plan was realistic and with time for feedback on manuscript, storyboard and speak. And the team at Levende Streg were good to follow up on every milestone and to remind us of deadlines.
We highly recommend a collaboration with Levende Streg. 
e-nettet A/S

New customers at Status go through a preliminary meeting of 2 hours to give them a thorough introduction and explanation of our concept. We wanted to compress the messages from this meeting in an easily understandable form. In collaboration with Levende Streg we managed to boil the extensive and complex material down to about 3-minutes of video.
The cooperation has worked excellently, the ideas have been great and creative, project management is excellent and they have listened to our input and wishes. We are very pleased with the outcome and can highly recommend Levende Streg.


In connection with a 2 days seminar for 80 project- and construction managers in the technical and environmental administration, Levende Streg created 4 animated videos for the presentation of four cases. It was a very positive process that we can highly recommended.

Despite a very tight schedule – Levende Streg delivered 4 really cool videos on time. The films were a fun feature and helped to give a boost to the presentations and support the message of the 4 cases – cases that the course participants were meant to work with at the seminar – in teams.


We needed a video with elements of drawing that could help to communicate a complex political message in a simple manner, and this Levende Streg solved for us. We had a good collaboration from start to finish.

Throughout the project Levende Streg has been available, solution-oriented, structured and creative at the same time. On top af that we managed to get the video in a short time. We can definitely recommend others to put their speed drawing videos in the hands of Levende Streg.


Levende Streg helped make my book ‘Go West – Danish startups in Silicon Valley’ a graphical masterpiece. The collaboration has been a real pleasure, where Levende Streg has provided excellent input, expertise, bold inspiration and their special style and brush stroke.


Levende Streg delivered an impressive speed drawing session which illustrated the history of a development project at Novo Nordisk. They were quick to familiarize themselves with the details of the project and very professional and flexible to work with – both before and during the event. We look forward to getting the result framed and displayed at the office!


For us it has been a very successful project, a lot of that due to the good project plan Levende Streg made and – and the sticking to the time schedule. We have gotten great feedback on the video both internally from our partners and externally from our customers.

We really enjoyed working with Levende Streg. They did a professional job and came with great creative ideas concerning the drawings and the manuscript. We appreciated their flexibility – while they held on to their input, which was very important to create something that was more out of the box than our other marketing material.

Levende Streg was very good at quickly capturing what we wanted to do and achieve with the video.


I highly recommend Levende Streg if you need a speed drawing video. I’ve worked with Maria Prohazka on the DOL video. She is skilled, professional and creative – and care of the entire process from start to end.


Levende Streg is a highly professional team that delivers state of the art speed drawing films.


With Levende Streg we found the professional partner we were looking for. They’re always open to our ideas, and we never get “no” for an answer or “that can’t be done”. We receive great feedback and right from the start they approached us professionally, although our first request wasn’t the biggest project.

They are flexible and work quickly, and we always get our product on time. We are very pleased with the collaboration.


Levende Streg has been an excellent partner and our final product cannot be described as anything but highly satisfactory. The high quality, clear communication and upscale insight of the clients’ needs makes them worthy of a recommendation.