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Levende Streg gives keynotes and speeches on visual communication. We customize presentations to your needs, or you can book one of our keynotes: "Digital trends within visual business communication" or "Visual communication on social media". We help with specific issues or give creative input to you and your company.

Levende-Streg-foredrag-keynote invited Levende Streg to hold a presentation to our network of business partners, who all work with municipal communication, regional or national. In addition to being well-prepared, energetic and sympathetic, they challenged our thoughts and informed about digital trends. We got clear guidelines for ‘do’s ​​and dont’s to reach our target groups – especially regarding video. Therese K. Thorstholm, User and Network Consultant,
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Digital trends and visual kommunikation

Book our one hour presentation on the latest trends within digital visual communication.

Get answers to how to organize and create the best visual communication. This while taking the digital trends into account as well as your audience's behavior. In short: How to adapt your story cross platforms with greatest impact in an information-heavy market.

Keynote: Visuel communication on SoMe

When it comes to business communication, most communication departments have a good track record of their target audience and their basic narrative on point. Nevertheless, many overlook the fact that the various social platforms accommodate different media and narrative models. So even though your audience is the same across platforms, your story must be told differently across the different social channels. Get new knowledge in one hour.


Want to be inspired?

Sometimes we also helps with inputs on creativity, innovation, motivation or entrepreneurship. In an everyday life where all teams in the organization have to run extra strongly - from employees to management, it can be difficult to think new thoughts, to think in smarter creative flows - or to create new ones.

Here you see Maria Prohazka from Levende Streg in the panel debate for the Creative Business Cup 2018 - about female entrepreneurs. All rights to the image belong to Creative Business Cup.