More and more companies make use of graphical facilitation for their conferences, strategy launches, meetings and events. But what is graphical facilitation?

Graphic facilitation - or live drawing - is a creative and entertaining way to make your message and content look appealing, easy to understand - and easy to remember. This type of visualization is very popular - both with Danish companies and foreign companies.



Graphic facilitation is very useful for visualizing a strategy, streamlining processes and for creating an overview of complex workflows or processes.

Many companies use it to communicate complex messages to a mixed / large target group - with many different prerequisites and a varied set of skills. Because with a visualization you create a common ground to start from. This way comprehension af retention of your message is quickly created.

Graphic recording can for instance be used to convey the various steps in a change management process. So with visualization content is made easy to grasp.


Live drawing always attracts an audience or a crowd and naturally becomes a starting point for talking and networking. Just as the "party is always the kitchen" - the graphic wall, the illustrators and drawings are always a natural focal point for your conference participants.

Therefore, live drawing is also perfect for eg. conferences, big meetings, strategic workshops, meet ups, product development or the likes. It is simply an interesting feature with graphic recording, because it is exciting for meeting participants or conference participants to follow an illustrator - who draws live and puts pictures on what is being talked about.