Street art is cool. But what is it really? Street art is a common term for art that originally belonged to the streets. It started as primarily painted art in the streets of the big cities. Sometimes it is also referred to as a "graffiti art", but this term is not quite as broad.

Street art is often large murals (or wall paintings as it is also called) - and it is site-specific art. This means that it is art that is painted in a specific place - and cannot be taken or moved. Graffiti art can e.g. be painted directly on everything from walls to columns, ceilings, floors or even furniture. Most often, this type of painting is done on large surfaces because it creates the best eye-catcher.

It gives a very special, untamed wow expression to paint on e.g. walls. Because the space itself becomes a living work of art. And because murals are created and tailored to a specific space or place, it allows people to be present directly in the artwork.


It brings great joy to be part of something greater - such as sitting in the middle of a huge work of art and becoming part of a larger narrative.

Therefore, companies also use the large paintings and street art to create a common footing and a shared narrative in their business. It can for example be as part of change management process or a launch of new strategy. It can also tell a brand story.

Often the murals are made as part of entrances, or decoration in meeting rooms, canteens, changing rooms or large office spaces.


The process of painting large paintings on all different surfaces requires planning and sketching. It also requires that you're in a reasonably good shape physically and has a lot of knowledge on everything from paint to cover and protective equipment, lifts and so on.

At the same time, murals are quite time-consuming to make, so it's important to have some experience to draw on - and you must have thought through the entire process. So it really takes a good graffiti artist to do big ordering work for customers.

Most modern art painters first make a sketch of the mural before embarking on painting it on the wall. Once approved, the artist can enlarge the sketch - using a grid (guides) on the surfaces on which the painting is to be painted. Then draw the sketch in large size. The painter paints colors. And finally, the distinctive black outline that we know so well from street art is added.


Modern paintings and street art can be made in many styles - and even with many different kinds of coating. For the most part, the artist combines acrylic paints with e.g. spray paint and markers. What is important here is that the painter uses high quality materials.

That way, the artwork you buy will last as long as possible. At the same time, it does not require maintenance - and it is possible to clean it. Therefore, it is of course also important that you go to one of the professional Danish painters or a graffiti artist when you are out to buy a custom made mural.


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